Life Vs Truth

Meditate to alleviate the suffering.

I had a quick conversation with myself one day, and this is what i felt like writing,

We come to this world as humans after years of Prayer, penance and getting bullied in this material world. The veil of Maya is so powerful such that, it makes us forget what we were, how we were and why we are here (into this material world) taking birth as humans. This material world is nothing more than a kingdom of Kaal. The Queen here is Maya. They have ministers who strictly follow their commands and we fall prey to their plot.

Below is the tree of Kaal, Maya and their ministers, I have tried to outline few of them.

Kaal (King) & Maya (Queen)

Ministers and their weapons:-

Violence, Disruption, Agitation
Selfishness, Cunning, Jealousy
 Stingy, Bondage, Sorrow/excitement
Ignorance, over confidence, boasting

Weapons of these ministers make humans to fall in vicious circle of births and deaths. These ministers influence man to perform mistakes/sins knowingly and unknowingly, as they want us to be their slaves always.

We can realize and feel them in everyday life just how wildly are they eating away our life span. Let us consider smallest of smallest example in our daily life, it would be definitely filled with either of the above mentioned qualities. This is because of our own Ignorance towards God’s existence, Karma theory and Spirituality.

I firmly believe that, Success is not in just becoming rich, or in becoming a ruler having thousands of followers, but the real success is defeating your mind(mann) and reaching the Original Abode, reaching the region of Ultimate truth, where there is no cycle of births and deaths. It is a fight between materialism and spirituality, a fight between inner-self and outer world.

Money will not help us in our death bed of course!!. It is our inner self which fights with conscience for all deeds done during the lifetime and all those of previous lives, may be which are yet to be tallied. But it will be too late, as “Time and tide waits for none”. It will snatch the soul at the defined hour. We hardly have time to wipe our tears. As we start fighting for our bad deeds, realize our mistakes, repent and beg fruits of our good deeds, the last hour would have already ticked away.

Three golden phrases start to steal our tongue at this hour, ‘PLEASE’, ‘FORGIVE ME’, ‘SAVE ME’. But alas!!, we have to go through the turmoil, as per the laws of nature. Nothing is for free in this universe. We need to lose something to get something. Losing something means…we might even loss the fortune of a human birth next time, in return for the deeds so bad we would have done!! We might be into any kind of life frame to repay wrong deeds.

God has sent us here, for purification, to learn something and to serve, but if the life starts to run in a different track, then it will definitely derail someday, but, if we try to realize our mistakes well before, and have Trust, God is always there to help us reach safely to the heavenly abode. Last hour will be the most peaceful hour !!

I am neither any preacher nor interested in doing so, neither old enough, nor wise enough to make big and bold statements, yet, i feel like writing what ever crosses my mind and which seems to me as genuine. May be you can say this as, art of sharing.

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