In present times it is very difficult to spend or provide quality time with family, but it is as important as earning daily bread and butter. I some times feel that, this needs to be added among basic necessities block of Maslow’s pyramid.

The reason for neglecting the family could be some where from office work or an official party to old friends get together or a visit to nearby colleagues new house. All this time spent would only be part of social networking again.

Imagine a life with Office + Social networking — Family. I am not kidding, but you know that this is what is happening with our lives these days. But I know that no body would accept this statement, because everybody has become part of this crime ( I feel like considering this nothing less than a crime.). They would rather call this as ‘Networking’. But what does such a networking be worth of, when you are not with yourself. Keep building contacts, new relationships official and unofficial, again unofficial with the hope of converting it into an official one in future. (When in need of a job in another giant company/MNC).

Quality time is time spent with full focus, and where there is two way communication, two way understanding and two way sharing. We have 24 hours in a day, but we hardly end up living with our family just for 4 hours. That too is wiped off with dinner time and other nature invitations.

Quality time is where we sit with the family, discuss something, let that discussion be something very important, like child’s development, schooling or could be as casual as how are you? What are you in need of these days? What are you interested to do these days? How could I be helpful to you in fulfilling those interests? And so on. This discussion need not necessarily be a note taker and materialize all the answers of discussion, but initiating such discussion itself will build a strong relationship and stress free life. I feel that it would definitely result in to a happier life with higher understanding abilities.

This Quality time is completely absent in today’s time. We reach home, fully tired, just feeling like lying on bed till morning. But the wonder is still that smart thing is not out of our hands. Our thumb and eyes keep rolling up and down, back and forth. Yes, I am talking about smart phone. We have hundred WhatsApp messages to be read else world would meet its end by morning. We have so many Facebook profiles to be checked and paste a sarcastic comment in someone’s inbox. We have lot many videos yet to be seen in YouTube and yes, we have those snaps taken in office in cafeteria to be uploaded in Instagram. Oh, we have few logs pending. Many missed calls to be attended. By that time, it is already bed time. But how?….yes, it is bed time because, the moment we came from office we had so many digital tasks to be completed and we have ‘NEWS and UPDATES’ to be fed into that pitiful brain to have a nice chat next day at lunch in office or to pass a humor on some one who would have missed to read that update.

So where is the family time. At many places, we do not have weekends at all, and such a life is more annoying. And people who have weekends, they are so busy in arranging parties with office colleagues, attending marriages, cracking the box office and watch that new release, etc etc.

I wonder, what is the purpose of life for such people, who never feel necessary to have a family time at least, if not quality time. We become old and fall prey to our health, we become old and fall prey to our fitness, but many fail to realise this.

I feel career success is just a decorative item in our life, the real life lies in we being part of it and spending time with it. Without career, may be we would stay in a smaller house than now, may be we would have leaser gadgets than now, but we are still there. But if we just focus in career success, we are no more. Our life’s story is just another career story. We would miss many great moments of life, and happy times.

I never mean that, one should not focus on career or work hard, I mean to say that, in lieu of a quality time with family, it is necessary to balance our priorities. Analyse what is important? Just question yourself, whether this act of yours would in any way make your family happy. If not, better shift that activity to a less prioritized one or just delete. Before just committing up with anyone on any grounds, just recheck how much quality time have you spent with your family? Is it okay to make commitment to go somewhere or party or anything for that matter.

I am trying to build up a systemic view of quality time in near future. Hope this will help you and me in keeping ourselves and our families more happy and more engaging than ever before. Your views and support is highly essential as usual.