Your proposal, Sakhile, to abolish gender is a biological impossibility, but redefining gender…
Ken Cowan

Greetings ken Cowen

English is indeed my second language, making Zulu my mother tongue. I wrote this blog with an aim of helping my fellow colleagues begin to question the concept around self imposed mental prisons, which from my observation here in Africa is hindering many of the young people from the continent from pursuing their dreams. What I have learnt from my travels in Africa is this: brilliance is here in abundance, but cultural prisons hinder us from unlocking our potential.

Like you say above, studying the literature above could be the key to inclusive growth, avoiding radical social changes which would lead to societal segregation. It would have been a pleasure to be part of your writing class, I believe in the power of words. Well constructed phrases have a lasting impression on others, so in my free time I create short quotes that force young people to think. The responses I get are fascinating, but importantly it teaches about me about the psychological make up of people.

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