AQUA Super Luxury Apartments

Have you always dreamed of living in a beautiful natural environment and waking up to a scenic view every morning? Well not you can realize all your dreams thanks to the AQUA Super Luxury Apartments project by Excel Dwellings. This is a perfect location to buy an apartment in the Ulsoor Lake area and is completely free from pollution and noise. Now you can give your family a quality lifestyle in an environment that they truly deserve. And you will not have to sacrifice any of the modern conveniences that you have come to expect in any state of the art quality residential project.AQUA Super LuxuryApartments promise you superior luxury living at a reasonable price.

Scenic beauty

Get ready to experience views that you have only seen in pictures or in paintings. AtAQUA Super Luxury Apartments, each apartment offers a striking view of the beautiful Lake Ulsoor that will surely draw your breath away. Spacious and comfortable balconies with each apartment allow you to spend a quiet and relaxing evening with a view of the lake as you enjoy a fresh cup of coffee. The apartments are conveniently accessible by the highway and a network of carpeted roads reduces the commuting time to the city centre considerably.


The AQUA Super Luxury Apartments project boasts of all the amenities of luxury living that your heart could desire. The most convenient amenities that promote healthy lifestyles have been incorporated in the design of the structure and the complete service package. The apartment building has an air-conditioned gym at the rooftop which offers a modern set of exercise equipment for both men and women. Security kiosks and security cameras ensure that your children are safe back home while you are away at work. All steps are taken to ensure round the clock security of the area.

Environmentally-responsible Living

At AQUA Super Luxury Apartments you get ample opportunity to prove how much you care for the environment. The centralized vacuum cleaning system is a novel offering that allows you to keep your home clean and neat at all times. A rainwater harvesting tank has been accommodated into the project to ensure that maximum water recycling takes place and vital resources of the environment are conserved to the greatest extent possible. A water treatment plant is also included in the project which ensures that waste generated from the apartment does not pollute the pristine beauty of the surrounding natural environment.

Entertainment and Leisure

Entertainment and leisure opportunities abound at AQUA Super Luxury Apartments. An open party area has been provided at the rooftop where residents can engage in joint celebrations and organize functions for the family. The surrounding green area and the lakeside offer an unmatched site for family picnics and outdoor activities for all residents.

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