One Simple Way to get Hundreds of Backlinks!

SEO is the most fastest changing industry right now. If you are with SEO for last couple of years, you may noticed how drastically this industry has changed. However, one thing remains more or less same which is the value of backlinks.

Yah, no matter how much SEO changes over the period of time the importance of backlinks will always exist unless big G finds out another core metric for ranking.

So, in this short post I will be giving you a simple and short way to get backlinks for your site which is via making information based images. You can do it via making 3 types of images which are given below.

  1. Meme: Memes are one of the best ways to get entertainment over the social medias. One single meme can go viral and can help you get loads of links. You can share your meme on social medias, photo sharing sites or on meme related blogs. So, just by making only one meme you can get many backlinks.

2. Statistical image: Statistical image is the easiest way to get powerful and relevant backlinks. In case of meme you need to come up with unique and amazing idea but in case of statistical images you just need to find out the data and put it on a piece of image. You can simply use MS power point tool to make an image out of some statistical data. Many online blogs, news portals, image sharing sites are the best place to promote your data based image.

3. Infographic: Infographic is more or less similar to statistical image but the main difference is; to make you link building campaign successful you must have infographic with valuable data as well as amazing design. You may not succeed with only data if your design sucks. So, in this case you must need to hire an expert designer (unless you are a designer) to make the most amazing infographic for you. You can use the guestographic technique of Brian Dean to promote your infographic.

Hope this short and simple trick will help you on the long way. Keep moving and keep building backlinks.

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