HR Software for Today’s Corporate Environment

From the advancement of social networking to the departure of attendance registers, the HR sector has seen a huge change in the usage of technology in its day to day work. Because of HR’s changing role — from operational to strategic, along with the emergence of Millennial workforce, it becomes imminent that HR and technology meet, for the long term benefit of an organization.
Following are the features of a HR Software

  • Provides complete talent management solution from the time employees are hired, till the time they retire
  • Offered as a managed service, on premise, as well as on Cloud
  • Generally integrated with Linkedin in order to enable social recruiting
  • Role-based and intuitive workspaces
  • Available on various devices, such as tablets and smartphones
  • Decision making on the move with the help of Workforce Analytics

HR Processes that simplify, automate and organize an HR department

  • Centralized Employee Database — This process lets you manage the HR work processes and programs from a single point. In the meantime lowering costs, saving time and lining up the HR efforts with the rest of the company. There are no different software programs to manage and update. Everything that is required to maximize the working of your human resource is available at your fingertips.

The completely mobile self service system makes HR data accessible to all employees and managers anytime, anywhere. Less time is spent in answering questions and more time in pursuing your goals. Your staff is empowered to have better control over their professional life.

  • Attendance — An employee’s attendance, absenteeism and leaves can be easily tracked through this software. All this can be done in real-time, even while you are away from your workplace. Your employees can even request for leave, review their balance leaves and attendance and can report through the employee portal.

This is a user friendly software where an employee just needs to log-in and ‘Check-In’. This system ensures more control over an employees’ time and better allocation of resources.

  • Instant Notification — Updation of employee policy, as well as distribution of important information can be done through this HR software. As soon as a policy is updated or an announcement is made, a notification will be sent to all the employees and they will get an alert on their dashboard. This ensures complete knowledge on the part of employee, about the company activities.
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