I love writing and he loves reading, I love talking and he listening, Though the talk seemed a one way traffic but it just felt great talking to the one who is now into your life forever, He loves cricket and so do i, he loves his family and die for them. These all things just seemed like a dream and when it all came true, its becoming difficult for me even digest the fact that i am not single anymore, i am not that same old what i was.
 A days meet and the whole life can just change and become more colorful and meaningful. Is it the feeling of being someones permanently or is the feeling of letting one enter into your life and making it meaningful. How his family becomes mine and his likes becomes mine, is it a humans nature to change instantly to suit ones life to his own? It was just a miracle for a person like me to change for another and for making one so important into my life that what ever he feels i feel and vice-versa.
 I feel very lucky to have him with me, his way of trying to understand me, to know what i am and what are my likes and dislikes, His way of giving me space and also making me feel important. I mean i feel its a dream which is coming true.
 I was always born and built like boy, the toughness, the rough feeling and also the strong heart never allowed anyone to get stronger than me, but how can all this just change in one go. The news of his coming with his family for making all things work between us, made me girl suddenly. A girl who is been taken care of, who is told to sleep on time, who is told not to work in the kitchen, who is told not to tan her self by driving in this summers, who is pampered to a level which she never thought of. Its all a dream i guess that’s why i just couldn’t get over the feel of being blushed all way round and also feel special and pampered my self. The feeling of being center-of-attraction was kinda dreamt of always, to which a certain extent i always wanted it to be coming, but dint know it will be so soon.
 I never wanted my family to cry because of me, but when i saw them crying for the fact that i will leave all of them and go, i dint want to stop crying also, i know it is mean on my part but i really felt special when people had that love and happiness for my happiness. I felt that the happiness which i have given to my parents was far more than i had expected it to be. The breathe of relief which my father had given soon after hearing my yes was to be seen and the hug which my sister gave me just by the news that i will no more be with her after marriage came like a shock to me, as she never was so expressive.
 Dreams comes true and when it comes true time just vanishes and just goes off in a blink of an eye. I just hope this new life can just stop with the time and life takes a full new turn soon and just let me flow in this dream like never before.

Originally published at on September 21, 2016.

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