Interview Questions And Answers


So we have been writing on many topics….some theories and many applications.

Today we write about some questions and try answering them.

1) How Knuckle Pin fails?

The answer is overloading. Operating forces of the application yield loads that exceed the clamp load and the joint works itself loose or fails catastrophically. It occurs due to shear forces and twisting moment.

2) In a fillet weld, the weakest section is the

  1. Smaller side of the fillet
  2. Throat of the fillet
  3. Side perpendicular to force
  4. Side parallel to force


Throat of the fillet

3) An automobile vehicle heats up while lying in a parking lot on a sunny weather. The process owing to is

  1. Isothermal
  2. Isobaric
  3. Isometric
  4. Isentropic



4) What is the full form of SCADA, DCS & HMI?

SCADA- Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition

DCS- Distribution Control System and

HMI — Human Machine Interface
5) How to test LED?

Give forward Bias voltage to the LED’s pin, if it is fine then it will glow up or remains off .

6) What is the principal function of “O ring”?

O rings are fitted to form a leak proof joints between two mating surfaces. O ring is like a Gasket made of rubber to protect the leakage of gas or vapor in-between two metal products.

7)Differentiate between Relay and Contactor?

Relay protects a device or a circuit. Whereas a contactor makes and breaks the circuit and extracts the required signals from their auxiliary contacts.

8) How to develop various operations by Pressing a single push button
(at least for 2 operations) ?

By using contractors and auxiliary relays to do the operation. BMS i.e. Building Management System and PLC Programmable Logic Controller are the latest versions but comparatively expensive.

9) How to control Temperature in terms of Electronics way ?

By using 1 RTD ( Resistance Temperature Detector ) to detect temperature. When the temperature changes, resistance also changes in RTD. This RTD input can be given to a PLC and from the output of the PLC, a valve can be controlled based on RTD input. This valve can, in turn, control the temperature of a container by the valve ON/OFF operation.

So let’s conclude here for now.

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