The Power of Belief

What is about people’s opinion that we give it so much importance. Why do we fail to believe in our own capabilities?

This thought always take me back to The Frog Race story..

Once a frog race was organised. The challenge was to climb the tallest tower. The prize was huge so alot of frogs participated. There were even larger number of people who had gathered to watch the race. Nobody believed the frogs would be able to complete the race.

And so the race began. The people kept on saying “Oh what pain!! They will never make it.”

And as the race progressed, people kept on saying, “Oh what pain!! They will never make it.”

And so one by one, the frogs kept on falling down. Except..

One of them who reached the top.

He won the race and the people were amazed. When he received the prize, the judges questioned him, “ what’s your secret? How did you do it?”

He replied.. “ Pardon?”

It turns out the frog was deaf. He could not listen to the people who discouraged him, who did not believe it could be done.

This story teaches us a simple yet most important life lesson. People who could not do it themselves would always say it can’t be done. But we have to be brave enough to take a chance, to aspire for something higher and be deaf to people who discourage us.

If the success formula is that simple, why do we become the people who cannot uplift and cheer for those trying hard. Do we not realise that we could be the ones running the next race.

If you don’t believe in yourself, then who will..

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