A fiction that ended because of reality.

We shared a story together. A story in which there were no you and me but us and no ifs and but’s. It was made up of beautiful sunshines , the first feeling that came into our minds after getting up was that smile, the desire to make it the happiest day , the desire of making each other happy for the day and for ever. Our dreamy noons mostly went by just talking for hours , yes there was a time when we didn't recognize the people around us, all i could just see was you hidden in my phone screen behind those messages, i just wanted you to be there for real. Mischievous evenings haha they were fun, we mostly had our fights in evenings, you used to be so frustrated that you would just disappear into that real world, turning your internet off and i would wait till the night for you to come back while thinking about all those worse things i said to you while realizing how much i hurt you but sometimes evenings were romantic too, i still remember our 6 months anniversary and that ride. It was mid January and the weather was freezing, i was there on the backseat upset, because the day didn’t turned out as i wanted it to be but trust me i was happy too, happy that finally we have loved each other till a time that we could actually celebrate our day. It was so fun to see you do efforts to make me happy and then i was smiling, hugging you tight and we roamed on the lost ways never wanting for the road to end. Our consoling nights were special too. Our talks were about the fantasy, the cheesy future we dreamed of. You made me feel like home in which i could reside myself and breathe calmly till the next ray of the morning shines. We talked about the part of our lives where we would be happy together so far from all the maybes that could happen to us, to the point where we would prove our happily ever after, about the place where we will find each other together, smiling towards the life that will be ending with so much love. We were a story about the heavy expectations, the fantasized love, the unreal life. We were a story about the moon and the stars and their love with the sun, about the hidden piece of words that we never said but which still echo in our hearts. We were a story about fiction, and yes we were not a long one but it was worth reading us. But, but i still haven’t figured about our end yet maybe because like every story ours also needed a point where we could see and realize that there is no going beyond, the point where the reality breaks the fictional dreams and maybe in ours it was all partial because in ours, it was only you who could see it and not me. :)

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