The last time we celebrated the memories.

I look up and see

people smiling, there eyes shining so bright with glee

all they want to do with this moment, is to freeze it

because once this time will pass, all we would be able to do is to sit back in a corner and lit

the memories of today, of all the smiles that touched through our heart

and we will be old and tired, relaxing in silence thinking how we grew this apart.

I can see it all

can see you two laughing together, then growing close and then growing apart through the fall.

They are all false, the talks, the emotions,

the lifetime that we imagined to live together, the dream that we have woven

together. These things are illusions and they are fading now

and nothing will come back to the same.

Even if i’ll scream or cry the nights away.

i know the things that were mine before are now just too far to come back to my way,

i know there is no turning back.

So, for now all i can do is just sit and see,

the people smiling and there eyes shining so bright with glee.

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