7 Vital Questions To Ask Before Getting Eyelash Extensions In Atlanta

For women, the importance of looking and staying beautiful is deemed paramount. Historical evidence states that even 6000 years ago, women highlighted their eyes. They resorted to artificial means to intensify the beauty of their eyes. Even in the Victorian era, women used mascara and the trend of false eyelashes was introduced in 1916.

Technological advancements have impacted every part of the life. Fashion is no different. As a result of a modern technology, now one can get an enhancement of eyelashes. This technique is known as eyelash extension.

If you’ve decided to get eyelash extensions in Atlanta, there are chances that you might face following questions.

1. Is there any difference between false eyelashes and eyelash extensions?

The difference is pretty apparent. A false eyelash has to be glued to the person’s eyelid. If you want, you can remove false eyelashes. It is basically a short term enhancement to make your eyelashes look heavy and prominent.

On the other hand, an eyelash extension is when eyelashes are glued that lasts for about 4 weeks; only a touch up is required.

2. How much it weighs?

Eyelash extensions weigh almost nothing. One can easily carry these extensions without any worry.

3. What are eyelashes made of?

One can create such extensions with the help of organic real human hair, man-made fiber, and synthetic fiber. Generally, you’ve come across the ones that are made of man-made fiber.

4. How to use it?

Make sure you go to a good salon service, where a certified beauty expert carries out the process with utmost precision. They will use a special kind of glue to stick it to your eyelid.

5. How to care for it?

As soon as you’ve got the extensions, avoid any sort of contact with the water. This will allow the lashes to set properly. Avoid using oil based makeup or removers which can weaken the glue.

6. Should you go swimming?

Though avoiding moisture is the best thing to do, but once the glue strengthens you can enjoy a swim.

7. How are they removed?

One needs to visit a good beauty expert to have it removed. Though it can be removed even at home, the process might take a lot of time. Hence, such attempts ought to be avoided.

Contact a good salon service online today and turn your eyes into an asset and watch yourself become the center of attraction.