Besics understanding of Express JS & Node JS —Express JS fast and Easy Web Framework for Node JS

Most of the programers learn server side programing and client side technology for build the sophusticated fabulous web application but now a days dont need any server side programing for web application developement process . Javascript is a very powerful iinteractive client side scripting Buts its not a server side programing . Recent days Most of the programers and team created a nodejs and easy way of creating web application using node js framework.

Node.js is a very powerful JavaScript-based framework/platform built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript V8 Engine. It is used to develop I/O intensive web applications like video streaming sites, single-page applications, and other web applications. Node.js is open source, completely free, and used by thousands of developers around the world.

Why Node js Event Driven Programing ?

Node js is Single Threaded Event Driven Server side scripting Language . Server is always up in binded host and port . Server waiting for event from http request .if any kind of event should be emiited from client side programing ,server will run the event loop and sendback to the response to client Without I/O Blocking Asynchoronous Request. The Client Will Update the Web Page With DOM Manipulation and Jquery Integration

Realtime Usage of Node js :

Chating Application Like Watsapp

Single Page Web Application

Build Scalable Application With Node JS Server

Powerful Backend With High Speed

RESTApi Creation

Real Time Updates Sync

How to create Server With two lines of Code :

Var http = require(‘http’);


Console.log(‘Server Working’);

Learn More About Node JS Server Side Scripting language:

Top Node js Framework — Express JS :

How to install Express JS FRAMEWORK:

Make it simple :

npm install express — save

Thats all done .Now You Learn More about Express js With Official Website

Click here

Why Express js Generator :

Use the application generator tool, express-generator, to quickly create an application skeleton.

The express-generator package installs the express command-line tool. Use the following command to do so:

Install Express JS Generator :

npm install express-generator -g
Usage Instructions :

Express JS Framework Architecture :


Latest threaded technology . If You know it , You can able to get salery 30000 K to 50000K With Deep understanding Language .Future is Node js and Express JS Web Application Framework Angular 4 & Ionic 3 Cross Platform Application Developement .

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