Jincor: Simple Smart Contracts and Cryptocurrency Transactions for Any Business.

What is the Jincor ?

Jincor is the healthy, compliant, secure, and the breezy to utilize the platform. The Jincor platform will permit any of the business to work with the smart contracts and the cryptocurrency payments effortlessly without any legal, operational and technical complications and difficulties and also at a lower cost that will able the companies to achieve its cost-efficient objective.

What is the need of Jincor ?

In the present day, the industries leaders and the financial participants are well aware of the advantages of the blockchain and they know the benefits that the crypto and the smart contracts of different platforms will offer and provide to their businesses like the full transparency, enhances security of trading, the saving costs and the time, rising the trust in in the world marketplace etc. but still after all these facilities there exist some barriers that affect the performance of the market and reduce the efficiency of the participants and effect the growth of the blockchain financial market. The some of these problems are: the legal space in the sphere of the cryptocurrencies and the smart contracts that seems to be the vast obstacle for most of the companies in the process of implementing the blockchain into their workflow, the second problem is that the most of the medium and the small businesses are not able to implement the smart contracts in their workplace because of their expensiveness, high implementation cost and the technological complexity, the third problem that affects the blockchain growth and affects the participant and reduces their profits are the lack of the regulatory and the business compliance of the cryptocurrency transactions and the smart contracts it is the major barrier in the adoption of the blockchain by many companies. The identity of the individuals and the organizations participating that deal in the blockchain cannot always be long-lasting confirmed. To solve all these problems that affect the implementation and the adoption of the blockchain and reduce its growth the Jincor platform establish its network that helps the companies to adopt and implement the blockchain at their workplace to enhance the growth of their businesses and maximize their profits.

Benefits of the Jincor:

Through the use of the Jincor, the companies not only make transaction and payments securely but also without any legal and operational problem that saves their time and cost and make them able to enhance their profits. The Jincor will let the companies able to utilize all the assistance and advantages of the technologies that are based on the blockchain without developing and implementing these on their own workplace that will save their cost of implementation and resolve the problem of expensive and complex implementation of the blockchain that resist the small and medium scale company to use blockchain. So, by using the Jincor platform the small and the medium scale businesses will also become able to use blockchain to enhance the performance of their business and this also enhances their profits. With the Jincor platform, the managers and the employees will become able to execute the cryptocurrency transactions in the several Blockchain’s through fully transparent manner and become able to meet all the necessary requirements. The companies by the use of Jincor will also become able to carry out any of the corporate relations through creating the smart contracts that will be written to the private blockchain that is based on the Hyperledger technologies. Therefore, by the utilizing the Jincor participants maximize the volume transaction because of its secure and cost-efficient service and their profits will enhance.

Targeted clients of Jincor:

The recent study of the Cambridge University estimates that in 2017 between the 2.9 million to 5.8 million people’s nowadays using the cryptocurrency wallets worldwide and there are more than 1 lac companies like the Microsoft, DISH Network, Paypal etc. who trust the bitcoin and accept it as a means of their payments by the users. As there are up to 250 million companies in the world and most of them recognize the requirement of the digital transformation by the blockchain the Jincor estimates the target market volume is $3 billion nowadays and the target customers of the Jincor are small and the medium business of the world market. The Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the smart contracts are the most obvious manner of the business’s evolution. As Jincor meet all of these three trends able to capture the attention of the target market.

Website: https://jincor.com

Jincor Whitepaper: https://jincor.com/en/whitepaper

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jincor_ico

Bitcointalk Announcement Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2039071.0


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