Hiking Magnificent Kalalau Trail

We packed as light as we could. Sleeping on the beach — how hard can that be?

Half a mile mark. Looking at Ke’e Beach.

I guess you can’t say you’ve been to Kauai unless you’ve been to Kalalau beach. Only boat, helicopter or legs can get you there.

First 2 miles are awesome. You are fresh, clean, and smell nice.

Many more valleys. 10.5 miles to go

2-mile mark. Feels great. 9 miles more. Water tastes like flowers.

Got more water. Hanakapiai beach.

Destination Hanakoa valley. You can camp overnight there.

The Endless Pacific Ocean

Past 6-mile mark. Views are just unbelievable. Knowing that you are 50% there helps. Helps a lot.

7 miles. Crawler’s ledge.

You can finally see your final destination.

My favorite section. 7.5 miles
Mile, mile and a half. It is all downhill from here.
Closer and Closer

Just 1 more mile and you get to this

Kalalau beach.

Stay more than 1 night. Enjoy, explore, count the helicopters.

Next morning we are heading back.
Smells like it is going to rain

After another 8 hours we made it back. Rain and hikers turned the trail into mud bath. The food never tasted so good. The bed couldn’t be any softer. Can’t wait to get back and do it again.