Bai Bai Bai

The advertisement is a 30 second commercial of Christopher Walken talking in a deep soft voice to Justin Timberlake. Turns out, Christopher Walken is reciting Justin Timberlake’s lyrics to a song called “Bye Bye Bye”. Then they awkwardly stare at each other in silence until the camera zooms out and shows a bottle of Bai [a sweetened water beverage]. To conclude, Justin Timberlake explains the benefits of Bai and the actual “Bye Bye Bye” song is playing in the background.

The ad’s target audience is people who were born in the 90’s or early 2000’s. This is because this is the generation who listened to Justin Timberlake and the boy band, NSYNC, he was in. The tone of the commercial is humorous because one would never imagine Christopher Walken, a respected film actor and Justin Timberlake, a pop icon to collaborate on a project together. The ad is also humorous because the song “Bye Bye Bye” was released in early 2000’s and was very popular among the Tween generation. By having Christopher Walken recite the lyrics is a little unexpected but funny.

The company is identified towards the end of the commercial when the camera zooms out from the shot of Justin Timberlake and Christopher Walken and shows an enlarged picture of the Bai bottle. There is also Justin Timberlake’s voice over explaining what the Bai drink is. This is where the audience finds out that the ad is talking about a sweetened water beverage.

This advertisement does not tell a full story. It has an exposition but it does not have a rising action, climax, or falling action.

Keith A. Quesenberry states that the more people talk about a company’s advertisement, the more money they are getting out of their investment. After conducting a study with over 100 Super Bowl ads, he found a correlation between the number of acts and higher ratings. From the study, they also concluded that factors such as sex appeal, humor, emotion, or animals were irrelevant. Keith also believes that companies can gain consumer attention within the 30 second video during the game and later on social media. It is all about likeability when it gets on social media. The ad I selected contradicts Keith A. Quesenberry’s research because the Bai commercial does not follow Freytag’s Pyramid and does not consist of multiple acts.

I selected to compare my ad to a Bai advertisement from the Super Bowl 2016. The main factor that made the ad that I chose more successful is the actors they chose to utilize in their video. In the 2016 advertisement, they used someone who was not a famous actor to act like a famous rapper, Snoop Dog. In the 2017 advertisement, they used a well known singer and a popular actor to act in the commercial. This is why the ad I chose was more successful than the one I compared it to.