What Millenials Want

Ad agencies, PR firms, news organizations and entertainment companies all want to gain the attention and loyalty of Millennials.

Millennials have different storytelling expectations than previous generations because of the culture and society each generation grew up. Some differences between the generations is that Millennials are constantly checking their cell phones, they watch less traditional television and do not read much print newspapers or magazines. The platforms that most Millennials receive their advertisements are the web and aps on their phones. They also desire the concept of instant gratification thus they want the ads to be short and worth watching. Most Millennials do not have the patience to watch or read something they do not want to take the time into.

Out of all the stories competing for my attention every day, the stories that I find appealing are about animals, unusual or rare things, and entities that can benefit me. An example of something unusual that I enjoy watching are documentaries about extraordinary people. Some films about extraordinary people that I’ve seen are “the girl who never ages”, ‘the elephant man”, and “the girl who has Mermaid Syndrome”. These kinds of videos interest me because the characters are interesting. The characters are usually introduced in the beginning of the documentary and the narrator generally explains how the person is unique. I enjoy watching these videos because each film is exclusive to that extraordinary person.


I think I prefer particular stories because of a mixture of both my personality and demographic/generation. First, I have a soft spot for animals so whenever I see a commercial on TV involving an animal I tend to focus more and remember that ad. This can differ from person to person. For example, some people are sports fanatics and they are intrigued by commercials containing athletes. Second, I grew up in a middle class neighborhood and was raised in a family that did not have financial problems or difficult struggles. The people surrounding me were very similar to me in these aspects as well. I believe that this made me interested in learning about people who had struggles or is different from me. People are always intrigued by things that are unfamiliar.

Companies and organizations should focus on not making an advertisement look like a typical ad. Millennials do not want to feel like they are being persuaded to buy something. They want to feel like they are making the decision on their own. Like I said before, some people say that Millennials are fixated on instant gratification. If something does not interest or grab their attention they do not spend time focusing on it. Thus, it is crucial for organizations to make their advertisement unique.

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