Seeking a Brazilian Wife Online? Check Out This Brazilian Mail Order Brides Guide

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So, you have heard that single Brazilian women are hot and sexy, but how much do you really know about Brazilian ladies? Probably not much. And you probably don’t know that they are looking for foreign husbands on Brazilian mail order bride websites. Do we have your attention now?

If the idea of finding Brazilian brides intrigues you, then this guide is for you. In it, you will learn all about Brazilian ladies, why they are joining Brazilian mail order brides websites, what they are looking for in a foreign husband, how to meet them, and find your Brazilian bride. You can easily find Brazilian mail-order brides on the following sites: LoveFort, LatinFeels, LatamJoy or LaDate.

A Few Little-Known Facts About Brazilian Brides

Brazilian women are far more than a pretty face, although that may easily be the first thing that a man may notice. What you may not know are the following:

They are educated

Brazilian ladies aged 25–34 have more college degrees than their male counterparts. And they don’t stop there. Entrepreneurship has been on the rise over the past several years, as Brazil digs out of a serious multi-year recession with high rates of unemployment. Educated Brazilian women who have not been able to find jobs have started their own successful businesses.

They are “done” with the gender gap

Even though they are more highly educated, employed Brazilian ladies still earn about 30% less than men with the same jobs. And even though they bring so much to the table, they only hold 56 seats in a Congress of 594. It’s no wonder, then, that they are looking for husbands in countries where their skills and talents will be recognized and appreciated.

They love parties and pastimes

When not on the job, you will find the women of Brazil avidly following soccer, soaking up the sun on the beach, entertaining, and, of course, planning for and being a part of Carnival.

What Makes Brazilian Women for Marriage So Popular?

Brazilian brides bring many wonderful traits and qualities to a marriage. As foreign men begin to meet potential Brazilian mail-order brides and date online, they soon realize that there is far more beneath that beautiful face and body.

Brazilian women for marriage are lively and outgoing

A Brazilian lady is vivacious and loves social events where she can “work” a room and make everyone feel welcome and comfortable. A man who has a Brazilian bride on his arm will always be proud and perhaps the subject of envy.

A Brazilian wife can also be a cuddly introvert

Because her husband is the top priority, a Brazilian wife will make time for romantic alone time, making sure that he knows he is cherished and loved.

Brazilian brides want to contribute

Remember, today’s Brazilian brides come into a marriage with an education, skills, and often a business background. They want to pursue their career goals and contribute to the household income. They want a partnership of mutual respect and support for each other’s career goals.

A Brazilian wife cherishes family

Men who communicate with Brazilian brides online will soon learn that they do see family as valuable, including children to be nurtured.

Understanding Brazilian Ladies

It’s complicated, as the saying goes. Brazilian wives bring so much to a marriage, that it is almost impossible to speak about them in a general way. One thing for certain, though. Men are in for amazing journeys with their Brazilian brides. To fully understand them, you should know the following:

Their heritage is rich

Brazilians are an exotic mix of several cultures — European (it was colonized by Portugal), African, and native indigenous groups. These heritages have impacted everything from their music to their values and belief systems. The one constant value here is a deep commitment to family and friends. Your Brazilian bride will not waver in her loyalty to you. You can count on her support through good times and bad.

Brazilian wives exude self-confidence

Perhaps this comes from the fact that they have met many challenges of the gender gap, pushing themselves to be successful on their own. Your Brazilian bride knows she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to, and will go after it with the determination of a bulldog.

But she will never “step over others” as she pursues her goals. Kindness and warmth are in her DNA.

Brazilian brides bring passion to everything

Whether it’s rooting for their favorite sports team, cooking a gourmet meal, decorating for Christmas, planning a party, or making Halloween costumes for their children, nothing compares to the energy and determination with which Brazilian wives attack any task or activity.

A man will discover that his Brazilian wife will also bring that passion to their relationship. She will shower him with affection — frequent hugs, kisses, and soothing massages. And behind closed doors, he can expect that passion to shine.

A Brazilian wife expects a partnership

No man should get the idea that because his Brazilian bride is loyal, affectionate, and eager to please, she is also willing to assume a subservient role in a marriage. Brazilian wives expect to be full partners in decision-making. And if she works outside the home, she expects her man to pitch in around the house and with childcare.

Brazilian wives are spontaneous

You may arrive home from work to find the kids at the sitters and a candlelit dinner awaiting. You may find tickets for a weekend getaway taped to the bathroom mirror. Your wife loves adventure, surprise, and excitement. Be prepared for the ride.

Brazilian Mail Order Bride Sites Success Stories

We have pulled a few stories from our recommended Brazilian mail-order bride websites.

Jack and Ana “Jack’s first love was a high school foreign exchange student from Brazil. That ended when she returned home and met someone else. But he vowed to find a Brazilian wife one day. That day came when he joined a Latina mail-order bride website and made his preferences clear in his profile. Enter Ana, a bank manager in Sao Paulo who was determined to dump the gender gap and find a progressive foreign husband to love and cherish while enjoying gender equality. After some initial messaging, Jack knew he wanted to get to know Ana much better. What followed was a flurry of video chats, some live streams, and an online romance that both knew would be lifelong. Today, that romance continues in their married life.”

Stan and Flavia “Stan vacationed in Rio de Janeiro during Carnival, and it changed him forever. Determined to find a Brazilian wife, he registered with a reliable Brazilian mail-order bride site, created his profile, and began his search. The result was meeting Flavia, a natural beauty who also shared his love for adventure and new experiences. Through a series of messages and video chats, they found other commonalities — the importance of career, independence, and equality in a marriage partnership. This was what both wanted, and their online dating made it possible to decide on a permanent relationship, aka marriage.”

Andy and Maria “Andy is an environmentalist who has spent time visiting the ecosystems of Brazil. Along the way, he also met many smart, vivacious, and great-looking Brazilian women. When he began to think about marriage, his heart turned to Brazil. He joined a Latino mail-order bride site and set his preferences for Brazil among other things. Along came Maria, a city planner from Curitiba, the “greenest” city in the Western hemisphere. They had an immediate connection through their passion for environmental sustainability, and their online messages were filled with their activities and their dreams for a clean, vibrant earth. Messages about careers soon turned to messages of romance, including long-lasting video chats. An online connection about a shared passion turned into an online connection of romantic passion. These two lovebirds are married, living in the States, and both employed by environmental organizations.”

Paul and Renata “Paul first encountered Brazilian women when he spent a summer month backpacking and hosteling through the Brazilian winter. He was impressed by their feisty attitudes, their energy and enthusiasm for life, their sociability, and, of course, their beauty. He joined a Brazilian bride website to see who might be out there. Renata was out there — a government translator in Brasilia. Given that Paul was a foreign language teacher, they found common ground immediately. The conversations began. But as they progressed, there was much more to talk about than their interest in languages. They both were ready for marriage, a family, and an equal partnership of love, loyalty, and support — this by way of intimate communication technology. We would never have met if it hadn’t been for this website, said Paul, but here we are, over the moon in love.”

Why are Brazilian Brides Looking for Foreign Husbands?

Well, let’s qualify this a bit first. Brazilian brides are not looking for just any foreign husbands. They are interested in meeting and marrying men who are progressive in their thinking. That’s why America is a top choice.

And let’s dispel a myth right now. Today’s Brazilian mail-order brides are not looking for a “meal ticket.” They are perfectly capable of supporting themselves all on their own.

Here are the real reasons why Brazilian brides seek foreign husbands.

They have shunned the stereotypical role of a wife

While progress has been made, life as a wife in Brazil is still seen as a less equal role. Brazilian brides who marry local men will always be treated as subservient. Brazilian mail-order brides want equality in marriage, and they want to fall in love with a man who wants that too.

Brazilian brides want opportunities

Brazilian women still face gender discrimination in their home country. Men often get the career-growth jobs, and they earn more. Add to that the fact that Brazil is still struggling economically, and unemployment is still high. Brazilian mail-order brides want to be in a country and with a husband that lets them pursue their career goals in an environment of equality.

Where Can Men Meet Brazilian Brides?

The short answer is lots of places. They can use a broker or agency and pay an upfront fee with no guarantees. They can meet potential Brazilian brides all over the Internet, some perhaps genuine, some as fake as they come — pretty hit-and-miss.

Your best bet? Look for reputable Brazilian mail order brides websites that provide the privacy and security you want and need and that have a large membership of Brazilian women for marriage. These platforms have features to make your search for a Brazilian bride efficient and keep your cost reasonable. They have sophisticated matching systems in place to present you with the most compatible Brazilian brides along with plenty of ways for you to communicate and get to know them.

If you’ve never experienced online dating before, there will be a bit of a learning curve, but reputable Brazilian mail-order bride sites will walk you through the process.

Why Use Brazilian Mail Order Bride Services? Read On

If you find the right website for searching Brazilian brides online, you’ll have all of these great advantages:

  • Registration will be free. And you will also create your profile with specific preferences and some great action selfies for free.
  • You’ll have access to plenty of Brazilian mail-order brides because they join for free too.
  • You can choose from among all of the features the Brazilian mail order brides site offers and only pay for those you select.
  • You can choose how you want to “date” your online Brazilian brides — email, messaging, video calls and chats, even live-streaming.
  • You can change your profile and preferences as often as you like
  • You can get access to photos and profiles of the Brazilian brides who “strike a chord” with you.
  • You can spend as much time as you need to narrow down your Brazilian mail order bride choices until you settle on the one who captures your heart.
  • You’ll have the benefit of translation if you do not speak Portuguese and her English is limited.
  • You’ll be able to buy credits for just the features you want, choose credit packages that meet your needs, and add a la carte items.

Avoiding Scams While Searching for Your Brazilian Bride — Some Tips

Yes, there are plenty of scammers out there, just like in any industry. Here are some tips on how to spot them.

  • They want you to buy a Brazilian mail order bride for an upfront fee and show you a luscious photo of your bride-to-be. These are fake stock photos you can easily find.
  • All of a sudden, one or more of the Brazilian mail-order brides you’ve been talking to have a family emergency and ask you to wire them some money.
  • Brazilian mail-order brides won’t video chat with you, claiming internet or phone problems.
  • When you want to arrange a face-to-face meeting with these Brazilian brides, they stall for typical scammer reasons. They are taking care of a sick relative or will be out of town on personal or business matters.

If you encounter any of these situations, get out of the site and block it.

How to Choose a Reputable Brazilian Mail Order Bride Service

There are ways to check out Brazilian mail order brides websites to make sure they are authentic.

  • Do the research. Check out reviews on consumer websites.
  • Get on any site you are thinking about. Navigate around, and check out the design and features they offer.
  • See if the site has clear and transparent pricing
  • Check out their safety protocols to protect your personal and financial information
  • Make sure you don’t have to pay to register or create a profile
  • If they entice you with gorgeous photos of Brazilian brides, do a reverse image check on Google. Reputable sites don’t show you photos upfront. They wait until you have your preferences stated and then match you based on those.

If this sounds like a lot of work, it is. And if you are not sure of what to look for, you will find yourself just “spinning your wheels”.

What is the Cost to Meet, Court, and Marry Brazilian Brides?

While this will vary, here is a general idea of costs so you can set up a budget in advance.

Online costs

Once registered, you will need to decide what features you want to use to find your Brazilian bride. You will be purchasing credits for these features.

There are credit packages at a fixed price and premium features you may want to buy from an a la carte menu.

The longer you spend online, the more credits you will need to buy. Plan on a minimum of $100/month, possibly more.

Offline costs

Costs here will vary too, but plan on the following:

  • Round trip airfare — two trips
  • Accommodations — a two-week stay each time — hotel, Airbnb, or short-term apartment
  • Food — a few luxury, candlelit dinners, and medium-priced or market food
  • Entertainment — Clubs, concerts, tours, moonlit walks in the part, or the beach if in Rio
  • Gifts for her and her family — small mementos up to perhaps an engagement ring
  • Wedding — possibly one in her home and a reception back home
  • K-1 Fiancée visa — about $1000

Just How Do You Meet a Brazilian Bride for Marriage?

Two terms need to be dropped from your vocabulary here — buy and for sale. You are not buying a Brazilian bride, and no reputable person or site will be selling you one. Those terms are from decades ago, and that activity is strictly illegal today.

Obviously, the best option for meeting Brazilian brides is to begin on a reliable Brazilian mail order brides website. You should have a strategy, and here is one that we recommend.

  • Register on the site that best meets your needs. Check out the ones we have listed above — one of them will surely suit you.
  • Write up a cool profile, hitting a few interesting highlights of your single life — job, interests, hobbies, etc. and what you are looking for in a wife. Add some good action shots of yourself.
  • Choose the features you want to use to find and communicate with Brazilian brides on the site. Options include such things as:
  • Filtering what you want for a match
  • Accessing photos and profiles of your matches
  • Preferred communication methods — email, messaging, video calls, and live-streaming
  • Purchase credits for the features you have chosen. Good sites will offer credit packages, so check those out. There are also premium features you can purchase individually — you may want to send someone a gift, for example.
  • Begin by choosing just a few to communicate with. Get to know them through digital dating. One will ultimately capture your heart. Don’t wait too long to state your intentions to her. The longer you wait, the more chance there is that she may go elsewhere.
  • Make arrangements to meet her in person as soon as possible by going to her. Brazilian brides are impressed with your efforts to meet them in the environment where they will be most comfortable.

That’s a Wrap…

Brazilian brides are amazing wives, and you will never regret finding that special Brazilian woman for you. Your life will be a journey like no other — love, romance, adventure, loyalty, trust, equality in your partnership, and a wonderful home life.

This guide is all you need to learn about Brazilian women, what they want in a foreign husband, how you meet them, costs you can expect, and the process for meeting and courting them online and ultimately having real-life dates. If all goes well, you will be planning that wedding and bringing your amazing, beautiful Brazilian bride home.



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