Magic World

Chapter 1 :New World

In current time, technology have become so popular that everyone can’t live without it. Everybody thinks that everything has already been discovered in the world.

No one believes in magic. They say that it is only a fiction and not real. What they don’t know that behind this human world there exist a magical parallel world.

In this world different mystical creatures live. However, in both worlds there is a portal where these mystical creatures can go back and forth. No human knows about this portal and only creatures from the magical world can pass. Some of the faeries, dwarfs, and other creatures came to the human world to watch the people. They are not visible to human but they can be seen if they allow themselves to be visible.

In the human world there’s a girl named Lucy. She found herself in a dark place. She can’t see anything and all she can hear are whispers.

Lucy..Lucy..Lucy.. run..Lucy run..

Later on she started to realize she’s in a dark forest. There are huge trees around. She felt afraid and alone. When suddenly she heard someone talk to her from her back.

Emily daughter of Eiren and Dina.

She turned around and saw a man holding a staff with a black stone at the top. The man was standing wearing all black. This man is tall, skinny, bald head ,black eyes and pale skin.

Lucy: I am not Emily.

The man said : I know you’ve been hiding for years.

Lucy: Who are you? What do you want from me?!

She started to feel scared.

The man replied : I want to drink your blood to become the most powerful.

The whispers become louder and louder.

Lucy! Lucy!! run Lucy! Run Lucy ..Lucy

She ran as fast as she could away from the man. The trees in that forest are really big and so as the roots. She looked at the back and she saw the man turning his staff into a big python. The man ride the snake and followed her. He’s getting closer and closer to her. Lucy suddenly stumbled and fell into the ground.Her right knee is bleeding when it hit a sharp stone. She tried to stand but her knees are shaking.

She cried: Help!!! Help me! Somebody please help me!

The man caught her. The snake wrapped her with its body trying to squeeze her to death . She couldn’t breathe well and she’s loosing her breath. She closed her eyes in pain and fear. The whispers become louder and louder in her ear.

Lucy! Lucy!! run Lucy! Run Lucy ..Lucy


Suddenly Lucy felt a water splashed in her face. She tried to open her eyes and she saw the face of her aunt Sally. She then realize it was bad dream.

Aunt Sally : Lucy wake up! Get your ass off the bed or you’ll starve today. Get up you trash! You have to cook now! We have customers today.

Lucy: Yes aunt Sally.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Year 2017. Month March. Day 1. A month from now Lucy will be graduating from high school. She always wished that she can study in College. All she wanted in her life is to finish her studies and become a successful lawyer. Her name is Lucy, Lucy Hamel. Hamel is not her real surname since she’s an orphan. When Lucy was eight years old everyone keeps on bullying her because she is an orphan and she don’t recognize her parents. Lucy now live with her aunt Sally. Sally is cruel woman with curly red hair and fat belly. At first when Lucy met her aunt Sally in the orphanage she was nice to Lucy. Later on she became so evil and let Lucy work even at the young age of eight.

Lucy need to get up quickly and cook before she goes to school. She still feel lucky to be able to go to a nice and expensive school. Everyone in her neighborhood are jealous of her because she was able to study in Beckmann Standard High School even if she was just a student scholar. Most students in Beckmann High School are very rich.Lucy needed to work hard and study hard to fulfill her dreams. Her plan after she finish her college is to leave her aunt Sally and move to another place to live.

Mrs. Sally Hamel, her husband Mr. George Hamel and her Son Miggy are fat lazy people. They don’t work. They adopted Lucy not to take care but to let her work for them. Lucy was not the only adopted child. Lisa, Peter and Lucy were adopted by Hamel family. Lisa and Peter never went to school and Lucy was considered lucky because her aunt Sally let her go to school. She wasn’t kind to Lucy. Mrs. Sally allowed Lucy because she received a huge allowance from her scholarship and that money she give it all to Mrs. Sally.

Lisa: Lucy you need to go now. You are running late at school.

Lucy: But we are still not finished cooking.

Peter: That’s okay Lucy we are going to finish this with Lisa. You have to study hard and fulfill your dreams.

Lucy: Aww you guys are the best! I promise if I finish my studies I am going to take you two and we will leave aunt Sally. Bye I need to hurry.

Lucy went out of the kitchen took her bag and run as fast as he could to reach the school. She felt really tired.

Lucy: Oh my I’m really tired. I wish I have magic so I can just do whatever I want.

Finally she reached the school gate. Suddenly she bumped onto two rich girls.

Lucy: Opps! Sorry I didn’t mean to.

The tall girl (Alona) said, Are you blind ?!

Lucy: I’m really sorry

Lucy run towards her classroom.

Alona shouted: Hey come back here!

When she arrived the teacher was not there. She walk towards her chair and sit. Lucy doesn’t have any friends at school since she is poor and aside from being poor she can see mystical creatures. Lucy sometimes make fun of her aunt Sally and telling there’s a ghost behind her. Mrs. Sally will then freak out and run away. Lucy never know why she can see those creature. At first she was afraid but later on she doesn’t feel scared anymore. When she was a kid Lucy saw a dwarf and it was hiding at the back of a tree looking at the kids playing . A lot of people say She’s is crazy and they keep distance from her. She thought it was normal to see mystical creatures until she realized other kids doesn’t have the ability like her.

Lucy hated being different from other normal kids. She wanted to become normal like them. Lucy always wanted to have parents. Parents that will love her and take care of her. Since she was a child she wondered where are her parents and why did they left her. Lucy was months old when the nuns found her in a basket outside the orphanage. She wanted to know if they are still alive and wanted to know why they left her.

Five minutes later, a mysterious handsome guy walk inside the classroom. He’s name is Luioe Roman. A very popular guy in school. Every girl likes him because he is rich, intelligent and mysterious. His black hair suits his whole appearance. He doesn’t really talk to people and ignore anyone who tries talking to him. Lucy hate that kind of guy. She think he’s just trying to be cool so every girl will like him.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

The classes has ended and Lucy is walking in the hallway heading home. When suddenly she saw the two rich girls who she bumped onto before going to her classroom. They blocked Lucy to pass into the hallway.

Alona: Where are you going? You think you can escape from us after what you did?!

Lucy: I’m really sorry I didn’t mean to do that. I was really in a hur…

Alona: Shhhh.. shut your mouth! We will never forgive what you did to us you ran away!

Short girl(Cherry) : Yes you idiot. You’ll be sorry for what you did but ohh we will not forgive you.

Alona: We know who you are your the weird poor girl. You don’t belong here! Cherry give me the paint.

Cherry gave the paint to Alona and Alona splashed the paint to her own bag and give the pail to Lucy.

Alona shouted: Teacher !!!!!!!

Mrs. Dalpiaz a teacher went out of her classroom and walk really fast towards the hallway. She saw the two girls and Lucy holding the pail of paint.

Mrs. Dalpiaz : What is going on in here?!

Cherry : Lucy splashed the paint to Alona’s bag. We didn’t do anything to her she just started to attack us.

Lucy : That is not Tru…

Mrs. Dalpiaz: Enough! The situation is clear. You Lucy Hamel did this. How can a poor girl like you with no manners can study in this school. You are a shame! You are not going to leave the school today until you finish cleaning all the girls comfort rooms. Do you understand?

Lucy: But Mrs. Dalpia..

Mrs. Dalpiaz: .understand?!

Lucy: Yes, Mrs. Dalpiaz.

Mrs. Dalpiaz walk away returning to her classroom while the two girls are smiling.

Alona: You deserve that!

Then both girls walked away.

Lucy sadly went to the girls comfort room, pick up the cleaning materials, then start cleaning. She scrubs the floor with a brush. Lucy started to cry because no one believe that it wasn’t her fault. She’s sobbing and cry a little louder for no one will hear her cry.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — -

It was almost ten in the evening when she finished cleaning. She felt really tired from scrubbing the floor and cleaning the toilets.

It was already dark and she was worried that her aunt Sally will be angry at her. She started to run and decided to have a shortcut in an old unfinished construction site.

It was really dark in the street. When suddenly she heard a noise in the trash can. She stopped running and walk towards the trash can to find out what causes the noise. She walk really slow when suddenly something came out. Lucy step back and fell into the ground for she was surprised and felt really nervous.

What came out of the trash can was a black cat. It was looking for food inside the trash can.

Lucy felt relieved when she saw that it was just a cat. She took a deep breath and exhaled. She tries to stand up when she hear someone whispering.

Lucy.. run…

Her heart started to beat faster and faster. She felt so nervous that her hands started to shake. She looked at the street and saw two guys 15 meters away.

This two guys looked identical, bald head, black eyes, skinny and pale skin. Wearing all black holding a staff with black stone at the top. They walk really fast towards Lucy. Lucy was shocked and tries to stand up. The guy in the left said,

Emily daughter of Eiren and Dina.

Lucy shouted : I am not Emily! …..stay back! stay away from me.

Lucy managed to stand up and the two guys stopped walking.

The guy responded: That’s what you thought.

Lucy: I’ve never seen you before your not a ghost or other mystical creature.

He responded: It’s be cause we are warlocks. We’ve been looking for years to find you in this stupid human world.

Lucy: I told you I am not Emily. I am not the one you are looking for.

He said: You are Emily. We can see that you have a triangle shaped red birthmark in your right arm. Human can’t see that birthmark but mystical creatures can.

Lucy looked at her birthmark in her arm.

He added: We are sure that you are Emily the daughter of Eiren and Dina.

Lucy run really fast as she could away from the two guys. The Warlocks tried to follow her when suddenly a car hit them both. The impact was really strong and they both thrown into the pile of rocks.

Lucy stopped running and saw the car. The car drove towards her and stopped. She saw that was Luioe Roman driving the car.

Luioe: Get in!

Lucy quickly went inside. Luioe drive really fast to get away from the two Warlocks.

Lucy started to cry. She was really scared.

Lucy: Who are those guys? What do they want from me. I want to go home….Luioe
 thanks for helping me.

Luioe: I think we lost them. There’s a lot of people in this street so they will not harm you.

They stopped at the front of Mrs. Sally’s store. Lucy went out of the car and close the car door.

Lucy: How do you know where I live?

Luioe: Saturday morning 4 am meet me at the old Tunnel . Don’t be late. Oh and be sure you are alone and no one is following you.

Lucy: But…

Luioe started to drive the car without listening to Lucy.

Lucy: Thanks..

Lucy gets inside the store when suddenly a plastic cup hit her head. Mrs. Sally throw the cup at her she looks really angry.

Aunt Sally: Where have you been?! Don’t you know that it is almost 11 in the evening?! How dare you go home so late! You are not going to eat tonight and you will wash all the dishes or else you will have nothing to eat for seven days.

Lucy went to the kitchen and sighed when she saw mountains of dishes. She then start to wash the dishes while Lisa and Peter get inside the kitchen.

Lisa: I’m sorry Lucy. Peter and I were instructed by aunt Sally not to help you wash the dishes.

Lucy: It’s okay Lisa, Peter. This is my fault.

Peter: What happened Lucy? Why you came home so late?

Lucy: It’s a long story Peter. It doesn’t matter you two should rest now. I’ll take care of all these dishes.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Saturday almost 4 in the morning Lucy get up from her bed to meet Luioe at the old Tunnel. She tried to walk slowly without any noise so aunt Sally will not catch her.

Walking towards the Tunnel she saw two person inside. She get inside the old Tunnel and she saw a man and an old blonde woman.

The man was Luioe. Lucy wondered why there’s an old woman with him. Luioe was wearing white shirt covered with blue hooded jacket and denim pants. He’s holding a staff with a blue stone at the top. The old woman is wearing a white scarf in her head and a black long sleeve dress that covers her feet. She was holding a wooden wand.

Luioe: Lucy this is Mrs. Helen Dimmitt.

Lucy: Luioe why are you holding a staff? What is going on and why do want to meet.

Mrs. Dimmitt : Lucy dear, Mr. Luioe is not an ordinary human. His been watching you for years. Even when his just little. Our world appointed him to look after you and make sure you are safe from the Warlocks.

Lucy: I don’t understand.

Mrs. Dimmitt : Mr. Luioe is a sorcerer and I am a witch.

Lucy stand in confusion.

Lucy : What?

Luioe: Mrs. Dimmit is right Lucy I was appointed by the government of Eastra Land of the Magical Parallel word to watch and protect you from the Warlocks. Your parents died protecting you from the Warlocks and before they died they sent you here in the human world. You are not a pure human Lucy you are a witch who was born in Eastra. It is also the reason why you can see mystical creature because you are different. This is not your world. You should come with us now to Eastra.

Lucy: But how about school?

Luioe: You can no more stay in this world the Warlocks have already recognized you and later on they will find you again. It is not safe for you here anymore.

Lucy: How about my things?

Mrs. Dimmitt : Luioe didnt you tell her to bring her things?

Luioe: Sorry Mrs. Dimmitt I forgot.

Mrs. Dimmitt: Don’t worry dear we will wait for you. Now hurry and get your things.

Lucy quickly went back to her aunt Sally’s house. Then she went straight to her room to pack her things including her clothes and shoes. It was 4:30 in the morning when aunt Sally woke up because of a noise from the kitchen.

She was wearing a sleeping gown and curler in her hair. She walks down in the stairs and heading towards the kitchen.

Aunt Sally: Lisa we are close today why are you so early cooking in the morning? And why are you making loud noise huh? Do you want me to cut your hair? I am so sleepy and you… AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! There’s big spider in the kitchen!!!

She quickly went out of the kitchen then she saw a bald guy with black eyes and pale skin.

Aunt Sally: AAAHHHHHH!!!!!

Warlock: Where is Emily daughter of Eiren and Dina?

Mrs. Sally collapsed and fell down into the floor. The spider turned into a staff and the Warlock hold it in his right hand. Everyone in the house heard Mrs. Sally’s voice. Mr. George quickly get up and took a wood with him for protection. Mr. George and Miggy quickly went down to the stairs and saw the Warlock. They were shocked when they saw him.

Miggy: Mommy!!

Mr. George: What did you do to my wife!!!!

Warlock: Where is Emily daughter of Eiren and Dina?

Mr. George: We do not know who are you looking for!

The Warlock staff turn into a spider again.

Mr. George and Miggy: AAAAHHHHH!!!!

They both quickly went back to their room. On the other hand Lucy just finished packing her things she knew that it was the Warlock looking for her. She tried to lock the door but the spider came in. Lucy run towards her cabinet and push it towards the spider. The spider got stuck below the cabinet. The Warlock went inside her room. However, Lucy already went down from the window and climb down to the ground. She run towards the highway and saw Luioe in his car.

Luioe: Hurry!

She get inside and put her bag at the back seat.

Lucy: How did you know?

Luioe: Mrs. Dimmitt and I sensed there’s a Warlock near in the place so she asked me to get you.

Lucy: Look their coming after us!

The Warlock riding the big spider.

Lucy: OMG the spider was a little bit smaller before.

Luioe: It can change it’s size.

The car gets inside the Tunnel. Luioe stopped the car near Mrs. Dimmitt. They quickly went outside. Mrs Dimmit pointed her wand at the wall of the tunnel in between two old wall lamps.

Mrs. Dimmit: Stopia noksa vira!

The lights are blinking and the wind is blowing. The bricks from the wall form into a door like structure. Loiue pulled the door handle.

Mrs. Dimmit: Quick he’s coming!

Mrs. Dimmit went inside the door.

Luioe: Come Lucy lets go now!

Luioe reach his hand to her. Lucy close her eyes and hold Luioe’s hand. They went inside the door and close it. When she opened her eyes she cant believe what she saw.

END of chapter 1