If markets are conversations and conversations take place on the internet, the market is on the internet.

There are many opinions about what the digital is. However, the idea that the digital is just a website or a newsletter in an overcrowded mailbox seems the most popular one.

According to the Digital Barometer, the digital is still unknown to the majority of the managers. Some of these managers may think that sending an email with some adverts and a pdf link to a data sheet to all the physicians in a database IS digital. …

4 + 1 ways to better understand how to use the digital in pharma projects

As @pharmaguy says, it’s hard to keep track of digital spending in pharmaceutical marketing , keeping track of the mobile modality too.

But how can we help managers handle and learn, then better use digital channels?

# 1 Converting KPIs

It’s very simple for us workers and alchemists in the industry, to use big and complex and empty words, rather than being understood and to impress the potential customer. It is sufficient to talk about unknown metrics, and you’re done. Rebounds, visits, unique, monthly login, permanence, depth, these words seem especially made ​​on purpose to puzzle the listener.

There is…

A defense to the bitter end for the class is not enough to preserve and create jobs. We must understand change and ride it on.

Reps crisis
The world of scientific information is going through a profound transformation, with a decline in scientific information employment which no one doubts about.
In Italy, 12,000 seats were lost. According to Farmindustria data from 75,000 employees in 2006 to 63,000 in 2013 have gone.
What could possibly be done to stem the loss or if possible creating new jobs? And most importantly, what shouldn’t be done?

# 1 Avoid: corporate defense to the bitter end

People often think that class defense may be sufficient to preserve jobs, it is an attitude which creates an artificial embankment, unable to…

In pharmaceutical marketing,

innovation is more complex and more challenging

Compared to other fields, in fact, Pharma is highly regulated and therefore more static in the marketing field.

Why do managers of pharmaceutical companies happen to remain underdeveloped?

You become a good manager in the pharmaceutical industry, after a great career inside of it. So many managers started as Reps and then reached apical and managerial positions.

Of course, these are examples of brilliant careers which permit human resources to allow employees grow and bring to a self-realization on company organizations or changing business frequently.

You become area manager if you are a good Rep and your leader recognizes in…

3 Mistakes to be avoided

Pharmaceutical multichannel marketing can be quite confusing if you don’t know what it is to be avoided

When coming back from Eyeforpharma London 2014 Multichannel Marketing Summit a great confusion arises.

For some, adopting a pharmaceutical multi-channel marketing means using both Facebook and Twitter; for others, however, providing a Pharmaceutical Rep with an iPad. For others, multichannel even allow Pharmaceutical Rep to show the doctor a movie on his iPad, and at the same time allow the doctor to put written questions to opinion leaders bypassing the Rep.

Multichannel is a generic term, and as such it lends itself to many interpretations

In order to clarify the strategy of a product or a service, it is often…

Discover the 5 reasons why you should change your marketing plan

# 1 The patient is no longer the same as he was in the past

Patient access: the consumer power, when the consumer looks for information on the internet.

A patient transformation is taking place and is closely related to the new consumer style.

As Giampaolo Fabris predicted, the consumer — intended as a person who consumes the good acquired — no longer exists. Today, material possessions won’t be bought since the previous ones are finished or consumed. However, you buy it for other needs: the need to be or feel integrated in a group, to meet the most deep or naive needs.

In particular, there has been a change in the way we buy…

Multichannel and digital are Pharma marketing new trends, now we need to ride the wave of the moment

The reason why the best analysts in the pharmaceutical marketing succeed in their studies and research is that they look at the past. However, today, looking into the past, to analyze it, is just a part of the marketer job. Predicting the near future and trends is becoming increasingly complex.

The market is multifaceted and subject to considerable pressures — from regulatory ones to social ones — therefore, looking at the future is more and more complex.

Once predicting the future in pharmaceutical marketing was possible just looking at what had happened and moving it forward, with a simple translation…

The right message to the right person at the right time is the challenge of scientific information. Yesterday and today.

Scientific information seen through international studies

Since my post about the obsolescence of scientific information raised some debates in recent days, I may need to make myself clear and explain what I see in the “crystal ball” of international studies concerning the future of companies-doctors-patients relationship; what is substantially true and what we should observe to understand this business dynamics.

Clearly companies are trying to be truly patients-centered. There are so many statements about this issue on the web: if you want a proof, you may have a look at these articles:

Facebook’s Controversial Experiment: Big Tech Is the New…

Innovation is not obligatory, in most cases we can outlive to it, but at what price?

Innovation influences future. Rethinking the future often means to rethink your strategy. And the strategy is a matter of game theory. In game theory it’s possible to investigate, in a structured way, the competitive behavior of individuals and organizations. In many cases you can work on a competition that does not appear to be linear, in which actors are many like many are unknown variables. In the end, play Risiko means to know the rules, to be used to the changes, to have the ability to adapt and especially necessary a precise strategy it’s. …

Pharmaceutical marketing first has to communicate to people, product comes later

We know we have to communicate with the public, but many people believe this is too difficult or even impossible. Regulatory aspects and information completeness represent complex challenges, and many people do not even try to face them.

Now we know how it can be hard and challenging but possible at the same time. It can even be fun and most of all really effective in pharmaceutical marketing.

Cannes Lions Health: the first award dedicated to healthcare communication

Yesterday ended the first edition of “Cannes Lions Health”, the first competition dedicated to Healthcare to honor creative excellences in advertising and…

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