Vehicle registration plates, also known as car number plates, are a metal or plastic car plate attached to a motor vehicle or trailer for official identification purposes. Car number plates; to most of us, are just there for the sake of legally having the car on the road, in case cops or speed cameras need to record something.

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A nice car number plate for sale

In general, every motor vehicle in Singapore has a vehicle registration number. Some unique car number plates, whether it’s for the cool factor or as a status symbol, fetched a very high price. …

There are no hard and fast rules governing home decor designing. Some designers are creative types by nature and love to imagine, dream and explore some brilliant ideas on home decor in Singapore. However, there are some principles that guide home decor designing to achieve great results every time and those are tried and true things that work.

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Featuring a home decor at a fair event

When designing home decor in Singapore, it is imperative to add coziness and charm in your home. …

What to do if you need fast cash now or short term loans to pay the bills, buy groceries or to meet some emergency expenses? Should I get a payday loan? Besides pay day loans, what other options do I have?

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Payday loan application is shorter and easier

There are 3 options you can consider to get some cash to tide through your difficult period. They are:-

1) A credit card or a pawn loan is one option.

2) Some employers offer advances or emergency credit. And don’t forget about help from family or friends.

3) Or you can approach a payday loan outfit to get cash during your difficult period. …

A luxury watch isn’t just a fashion statement. It’s a display of success as well as an appreciation for fine technology; the Rolex watch, the Patek Phillipe timepiece. And although their allure makes them extraordinarily expensive, there are models of these luxury watches that come at significantly lower prices.

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luxury watches singapore_omega seamaster

Entry-level luxury watches may not retain the classic mechanical timekeeping mechanisms (and instead use quartz) but they are nonetheless crafted from high-quality materials that are as attractive as they are tough. …

The concept of online flower delivery services has become quite popular as more and more people have become used to buying products and services online. Whether you need to buy and sent flowers for birthdays, debuts, weddings, baby showers, condolence flowers, housewarming parties, opening ceremonies and a lot more other occasions, or to someone just to brighten the day, it makes sense to choose a reliable online florist in Singapore to provide this service, from the selection of flowers to the delivery in Singapore.

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Florist in Singapore di-font-weight

Some online florists in Singapore have multiple distribution centers from which they ship all orders directly. Your flowers are fresher. Online florist has the potential to service a much wider market than local florist, as online florist may have multiple distribution points in Singapore to ship your orders fast and fresher flowers.

Another cute bundle of love is about to be admitted into the world and you need to curry favour with the proud parents to get into the baby’s room so you can cuddle it. Yup, it’s time to start shopping for baby shower gifts! Adorable yet practical gifts always work to sway parents in your favour, which will remind them of your thoughtfulness every day as baby wears or uses them!

To help you with your gift-buying we’ve listed some of the best online baby clothing shops below.

Best Online Websites to Shop for Baby Shower Gifts in Singapore


IB or International Baccalaureate provides programs in high quality education to a global school community. The aim is to create a world that is better and more peaceful. A number of sources are used to get information and checked to verify the accuracy and also its authenticity along with their basis.

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Through learning through the IB the student get knowledge about intercultural aspects and understand them better. In this curriculum the students become more active and also their wish to learn lifelong stays with them. …

How do you make the most out of some space constraint offices in Singapore? Rather than merely buying the smallest tables and chairs you can find, alternatively you source for some suitable office furniture in Singapore to suit the space you have, or to consider how you can reduce your reliance on under-utilized space.

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Suitable office furniture designed with small space office

For some company, whether money or space is tight, choosing the suitable office furniture and office chair to use in your space constraints office and understanding how to get the most out of a smaller office will be extremely important in terms of image, productivity and staff retention and a conducive environment to work in. …

If you’re the lucky parents of a hopping bundle of love then you know that you’ll eventually need to find a good kindergarten to send him/her to.

However, a quick search for a kindergarten in Singapore will reveal the availability of a myriad of different schools — and a rude introduction to the dilemma of choosing between sending your child to a government or private kindergarten.

Things get a little complicated from here as not only does each school charge wildly different rates but also claim to utilize specialised/alternative teaching methods that promise better results. …

We all need food to survive. Every region has its own crops and eating pattern, which is mostly influenced by the availability and past history of the place. When we talk about Vietnamese food, we should not forget the geography of the place. Basically, the country of Vietnam belongs to the Southeast Asian region, with Cambodia, China. Laos, the Gulf of Thailand and the South China Sea as its surroundings. The Vietnam food is extremely popular throughout the world due to the taste of the Vietnamese food which is greatly influenced by its surrounding regions.

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Vietnamese Food

The background

The staple diet of the people consists of Rice as it is grown extensively throughout the country along the Red River Delta and Mekong River. Moreover, the presence of seafood is also very dominant, owing to its rich coastlines and numerous inland waterways. The country is surrounded by China in the northern region, due to which Chinese dishes like stir-fries and noodles are part of the diet. Even the Vietnamese restaurant in Singapore includes these dishes in their menu. The Khmer from the neighboring Cambodian region and dishes from France are also part of Vietnamese food. …

Kassab Salaheddine

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