Top 10 Arcade Games for Android

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I suppose you have come looking for some fine arcade games to play on your hand held smart phone when traveling or just enjoy that 15 minutes break in work (way too short) or for whatever other reason you want, if that is true, then you, my friend came to the right place.

Here in this medium post I will be talking and showing you a few games that you might probably enjoy.

This list of games is made of simple, yet entertaining games that I have found while trying to add some to my own personal library. Platformers, action and adventure RPGs, others that can’t be even added to any genre.

1. Lemonhunter 2D

Lemonhunter 2D Pixel Art RPG

Lemonhunter is a very simple 2D with pixel art graphics endless platformer. In this game you are a small elf trying to finish his quest to get as many lemons as possible. The map is randomly generated everytime you finish playing, or loose all those hearts when you fall from a high place or by being attacked by monsters. You can collect lemons, cute equipment, and items that change your surrounding.

You can download Lemonhunter by clicking on this link -> HERE

2. Cake Quest 2D

Cake Quest 2D

Cake Quest 2D is a another simple arcade platformer from the 90s era. If you have played games like Super Mario or Super Metroid, then you will for sure love Cake Quest 2D.

This list is made of the 10 best arcade games for the Android platform.

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