My Goals

The ability to be in control of one’s life is evident in the way each day is approached and each huddle is crossed.

For me, sharing my 2016 goals is a way of saying “Oh boy! Friends know what I’m up to now, I must not mess up.”

I believe there is at least one person who cares to know.



Data Science. This is my new obsession and I am going to carve out something awesome out of this. I have enrolled for courses that would place me on the right path. My aim is to solve at least one African problem with the help of this field (not necessarily this year though).

Get better with Python and PHP. Python is my first programming language hence my love for it. I’ll advance my Python programming skills bearing in mind that I’ll also need it in Data Science. As for PHP, I haven’t really harnessed its power. Time to make all these tools work for me. Ideas need tools that can implement them. Such is my case.

Relationships: Family first, make more friends with purpose, give more to my relationships, go get her and get a pitbull.

Work and Business: I have aligned myself to the goals of my workplace and determined to give my best to her success this year. In business I’ll improve my marketing and decision making skills, get better at negotiating, expand my customer base and better maximize profit.

Personal Development: For me, it is a year of books,

  • Read two books on politics and governance,
  • 4 books on business
  • A book on the law
  • 3 books on relationships
  • Get the best out of Medium and coursewares.
  • Learn a new language (German)

Service to humanity : I believe a sure way to purposeful living and fulfillment is when whatever a man does advances the course of humanity in any way. To this end, I’ll engage in tasks that will have a positive impact on at least one man. Attempting to change the whole world is impossible but changing the world one man at a time is the most realistic way. I owe mankind a lot.

Academics: Being a graduate is what I cannot wait to experience. It is a wise decision for any student to give his or her best to this last lap.

This write up is almost late but I believe it will still serve its purpose. These goals are broader than they look but everything there is to know about my 2016 is in here.

Wish me all the best. I love you!

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