9 Quotes That Outlines Why Trading is A Tough Job.

Tough Job
The alternation of stability and change occurs at all time frames for markets. It is a major reason why trading is so difficult, and why it is more difficult than many other performance domains. The football field does not occasionally change its dimensions; nor do the rules of football shift part way into a game. The equivalent of those things happens daily in financial markets.
“Successful Investing takes time, discipline and patience. No matter how great the talent or effort, some things just take time: You can’t produce a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant.” — — — Warren Buffett
One of the core lesson I have lesson is that “Opportunities come infrequently. This is contrary to what many traders ( rookie and even experienced ) believe but it is the reality. — — — S. A. Salako
Trends change their slope; cycles change their frequency and amplitude: it’s tough to trade your personality when the market is changing its own. Trading fixed “setups” in changing markets is perhaps a setup in ways that are unintended.
There is a 50% hit rate on trades and the average size of winning trades exactly equals the average size of losers. Anyone who guns for 100% returns annually will surely, at some point, experience a 50% drawdown.
On intraday basis, the reason why the old strategies have a decreased win rate is, they are very predictable. I know it, you know it, every market maker out there knows it. The stop runs are more common than they used to be. — — — Hari
‘’Many trading problems occur because traders trade the vectors ( market geometry ) as if they are stationary: they automatically assume that past levels of direction and volatility will be accurate estimates of future direction and volatility. — — — Dr Brett Steenbarger’’
How many guys do you know who can accept being wrong?
How many guys do you know who can be wrong and lose money?
How many guys do you know who can be wrong. lose money and not feel bad?
How many guys do you know who can be wrong, lose money, not feel bad and reverse their position?
How many guys do you know who can be wrong, lose money, not feel bad, and reverse their position quickly? — — Don Chase
The stock market is like the NBA. The best of the best come to play and make a ton of money. Then you have all the vendors that make money off the NBA. Next are the spectators that bet and / or enjoy the game by betting, some win/lose. — — — Jeff Martinez, TreveriCapital.com

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