I Will Not Send Thoughts to the Families in Florida

Enough is enough! I won’t send thoughts to the families of these lives taken in Orlando. I won’t call this a tragic event either. I won’t be passive anymore.

It is Sunday morning, I am about to get ready start what I thought it would be a great day. However, I turn on the TV, and the first thing I see is CNN reporting that 50 lives have been taken by a coward terrorist in a night club in Orlando.

Gun violence is a disease, and it needs to be treated as such. I don’t have the answers on how to fix the problem, but here’s a simple proposal:

1) Allow the CDC to study gun violence, gather more data, and identify viable routes to address the issue — while still protecting 2nd amendment rights our constitution guarantees. Right now congress won’t allow CDC to even study gun violence. You can thank NRA and its lobbying for it.

2) Fix background check process, to prevent potential unstable individuals from buying guns. Here’s a quick fact to illustrate how broken is the current policy: the FBI can add a potential terrorist to a no-fly list, but it CANNOT prevent that same individual from walking into a gun shop, and buying a semi-automatic rifle, and ammunition.