I’ve Been Fat And I’ve Been Skinny. Here’s What I’ve Learned About That.
Cody Weber

Thank you for sharing this. I honestly believe that we all have issues with our bodies at some extent, and the seriousness of these issues define whether you start hurting yourself in the process or not.

On my side, I was very skinny during my high school and college years, and I wanted to weight more. Even though it would seem like the scenario you would have loved to be in, I personally hated it.

What I did was to sign up for a gym, got a personal trainer and started this painful but rewarding process of working out.

My only unsolicited advice for you is, if you do get a personal trainer, find a good and kind one. The one I hired really helped me both mentally and physically, and allowed me to develop a taste for eating well and training.

Good luck to you, and again, thank you for sharing. It is remarkable what you have accomplished. Don’t ever forget that. :)