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This article introduces top free URL Shorteners you can trust and use in your business and projects without fear of having links broken and reliability, speed, and price in mind.

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Gutenberg banner image on WordPress plugin directory

For anyone dealing with textual content on the internet, WordPress is probably a known platform for publishing content and web pages on the web. The CMS market share for WP is about 60.4% which is equal to about 33.5% of all websites. I believe this is feasible thanks to WordPress’s ease of use and its simple and modern environment.

In 2017, the WordPress team announced WordPress’s new editor called “Gutenberg”. In the beginning, it released as a plugin and then later with came as a core part of it.

The first time I installed it, I felt a bit odd about it. It reminded me of popular page builders out there which are used by all-purpose or widely-used thems. I have not had a great experience with those page builders especially because they generate piles of HTML and CSS codes on every page as well as increased demand for processing power. But contrary to those page builders, I didn’t see a messy or slow output with Gutenberg. Besides, I was happy to use a “modern” editor rather than something “classic”. …

For any application crafted with PHP, It commonly happens that some classes have enum properties such as Status, Type and publish status. There might be several ways to save and fetch these values to and from the database, however, to have clean code and project-wide data structure convention, It’s a good idea to follow one method for the whole project.

let’s say we have a class named Post with a property called status. We want an easy way to determine and use a post’ status when coding. …

It has been a long time that WordPress has had the top market share among the Content Management Systems. Flexibility and ease of use are the key reasons why WP has been successful. Not only is WordPress comfortable for the end users, but also it is super easy for any PHP developer to quickly get started with theme and plugin development for it.

One of the most interesting features that WP delivers out of box is it’s native API system which allows developers to add their desired API endpoints via plugins (or even themes). …


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