People’s Voice: Looking at Indiana Republican Party’s Facebook Post Comments

A July 3rd post by Indiana Republican Party asking people to share their “Obamacare horror story” has generated almost 8,000 comments. A casual observation would clearly indicate that the responses were not what the GOP was expecting.

Using our Athena natural language processing engine, we analyzed the comments to highlight some of the most important phrases. The goal was to see if there are phrases that capture the key reactions to the Facebook post. Here are some of the top phrases — along with sample context from comments.

  1. “…horror story…”
  2. “…was able to get…”
  3. “…first time…”
  4. “…health insurance…”
  5. “…pre-existing…”
  6. “…Affordable Care…”
  7. “…birth control…”
  8. “…able…afford…”
  9. “…small business…”
  10. “…self employed…”
  11. “…saved life…”
  12. “…take away…”
  13. “…insurance companies…”
  14. “…single payer…”
  15. “…could(n’t) afford…”
  16. “…Republican Party…”
  17. “…Thanks Obama…”
  18. “…peace mind…”
  19. “…tax cuts…”
  20. “…middle class…”
  21. “…lifetime cap…”
  22. “…denied coverage…”
  23. “…mental health…”
  24. “…see doctor…”
  25. “…life saving…”

“…Horror Story…”

“…I need to keep me alive — without bankruptcy! The ACA literally saved my life! I was able to have my preventative care covered, including my mammogram. Such a horror story 😳 I’ve heard nothing but good things about the ACA from friends who used it. In addition I managed a small not for profit with 15 employees. After the…”

“…more money on building our company without worrying about the health of my people. The only reason Republicans hate ACA, is because the black guy passed it. That’s the horror story to you No kidding ! It’s also because they are bought by insurance and drug companies and the Koch brothers. They know well who they work for. Yep. Hammer…”

“…finally having insurance from the ACA. It was the size of a basketball when removed. If she had to wait even longer it could have killed her. Sorry no horror story here. As a self employed individual in Indiana, I went from paying more than $800/month with a $6000 deductible (not to mention a multitude of services that did not…”

“…whole lot more than that in increased healthcare costs in general that are passed on to me as a healthcare consumer *AND* have people dying the street? My Obamacare horror story is that people in congress who have good healthcare are trying to take Obamacare away from millions of people who need it. I love my Obama care. I wasn’t…”

“…still be alive if we had the care and protections the ACA made possible, but the lack of those things certainly didn’t help. . Is that the kind of horror story you’re looking for? I don’t really have a personal story (other than being able to stay on my dad’s insurance until I was 26, which was great), but as…”

“…allowed millions of previously uninsurable coverage. Stop being so sucked in to the Republican rhetoric and look at the reality of the situation. Hoosiers lives are at stake! My horror story is that my child got cancer and Obamacare made it possible for her to go into adulthood without facing lifetime caps and we were able to focus on caring…”

“…cancer and a double mastectomy with reconstruction. My pre-existing condition could not prohibit me from being covered in the future if I needed to move or switch jobs. My horror story is that I live in a country trying to repeal our life saving care. Republicans are trying to seal our doom to make money for insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies,…”

“…coverage, and I’m no-longer worried about a per-person lifetime cap for coverage, especially since I’m wracking up $20,000/month for one drug, for the rest of my life. The actual horror story here is that people are willing to go back to the kind of insecurity and would rather save money instead of saving lives. My husband has several life long…”

“…issues with the ACA. But you can’t because you have been selling this replace crap so long. Do your actual job and fix something instead of.making things worse. My horror story is that elected officials in this country value profit over life and so are trying to take us back to a system where my pre-existing conditions mean my family…”

“…to the GOP if they would help to lower healthcare costs and premiums across the board, while maintaining the essential preventive care we have enjoyed under the ACA. No horror story here. The ACA, which people love to call Obamacare, has been a lifesaver for me. I am covered even though I have a preexisting condition and am able to…”

“…pre-existing condition, causing her to be ineligible for affordable care. By the way, I do have a J.O.B. and she was 3 months old. I don’t have an Obamacare horror story but I do have a story for you. I’m a single working mother and I have twins. At 11 months old my son was diagnosed with a rare brain…”

“…so thankful for it! Neither of my two jobs I kept while going to school full-time offered insurance, so the ACA was a huge deal for me. My Obamacare horror story was being afraid to lose or change jobs before it existed because of my pre-existing condition. I also worried that my mother would be unable to get care for…”

“…I also worried that my mother would be unable to get care for her heart and lung conditions because she hit the lifetime maximum. Oh, I almost forgot the horror story where I had to go talk to my fundamentalist male HR person about why my birth control wasn’t covered. So, I guess my current horror story would be that…”

“…my spouse can look for a higher paying job without worrying that a new employer’s insurance would deny asthma medications as a pre-existing condition. So burdensome 🙄 The true horror story is the health insurance networks. You want a free market health care system? One network for all or no networks at all. As a divorced woman who works as…”

“…hit our lifetime cap. The ACA guarantees that his ER visits and lab work and hospitalizations will be covered by our insurance. This is my ACA love story. My horror story is the constant threat that insurance is going to be taken away from millions of people just to score political points. I am a 55-year old, self-employed woman whose…”

“…was able to get…”

“…stay on my insurance when she went to grad school. How evil. My clients were no longer denied mental health care because of previous treatments. horrific. My friends were able to give affordable healthcare to their employees. HIP 2.0 has been a successful solution to Medicaid. We are self employed and for the first time we were able to get…”

“…minimum wage. You’re a good egg, Marcia! My father’s small business was able to insure its employees for the first time ever. #thanksObama My son who is 18 is able to stay on my insurance even though he moved out. #thanksObama I got to keep my doctor. #thanksObama My husband was able to get insurance even though he had a…”

“…kidneys had completely failed. Horror story is that if she had coverage when she needed it the most she could have lived longer. Because of the ACA she was able to get the care she needed to live for 4 more years. When I lost my job, the only job I could find was as a contractor. There were NO
is that people in congress who have good healthcare are trying to take Obamacare away from millions of people who need it. I love my Obama care. I wasn’t able to get insurance for 10 years. It has been a life saver for my family. Im frightened that anthem has decided to pull out next year because of the uncertainty of…”

“…junk policy they could afford just for her cost $1500/month and covered virtually none of her treatment. But then the ACA went into effect and good gravy, they were able to get a quality policy that covered both of them for just over a third of what the crappy one covered, which meant they didn’t lose their house and she…”

“…but as a case manager, I have seen several of my clients benefit from the Medicaid expansion. HIP 2.0 has some downfalls, but my clients really benefited from being able to get medications that they desperately needed (diabetes meds, mental health meds, birth control, blood pressure meds, etc). It also allowed them to find primary care physicians that they could
blind and needing a wheelchair….”

“…The mandates in the ACA have made my life better in every way. My insurance covers things that it didn’t before. My son was able to get treatment for a pre-existing condition that he never would have gotten treatment for before ACA. Stop lying to us. Don’t repeal. P.S….”

“…my daughter’s birth control is covered. Without it she had migrants and alot of problems with her cycle. My sister didn’t max out on her cancer treatment. I was able to get my son quality care with the neurology department at University of Chicago. And without going into debt!…”

“…first time…”

“…My friends were able to give affordable healthcare to their employees…” “…We are self employed and for the first time we were able to get health insurance that actually covered something and at the same price we were paying for a policy that covered nothing until $12k then only…”

“…endure it and hope it doesn’t get worse. Thank you Obama care!!!! When I worked in HR last year, it was awful. This woman came in because for the first time in her life, her employer offered her insurance (aca mandated because she worked over 29 hours a week for a period of 12 months). She stood in that office…”

“…Covered my mother for the first time since she fought and won breast cancer. But it wasn’t soon enough because she was diagnosed with a terminal cancer and her kidneys had completely failed…”

“…and I went 8 years without health insurance under Republican deathcare, then the ACA happened and we were able to get a decent rate on decent coverage for the first time in our marriage. The Horror story is that a few politicians in the pockets of a few insurance companies want to take that away, when it should have been…”

“…Thanks to ACA my entire family has insure for the first time in years! My husband had his first dental appointment in over 9 years! He had a lot of dental work after that, and no longer has terrible headaches and
me or charge me outrageous fees for my pre-existing conditions…” fully

“…I also watched my sister, a cosmetologist on a limited income, obtain reasonable health insurance for herself for the first time since aging out of our parents’ plan through the marketplace. Then, when her son was born 6 weeks premature, he qualified for Medicaid, which covered not only his birth…”

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