The Back of my Mind

You are afraid to say what you dream your life to be because you think it’s impossible. Saying it is the only possible way that dreams can ever become reality.

You can declare it on Facebook or think to yourself, there is no audience for it but you. Daring to dream something implies you have to work for it. Materialize your vision. Dreaming is a luxury everyone can afford immediately. Is the luxury we are born into.

If your dream was to be alive, to survive, to not die, would you still feel it’s impossible? Would you still be scared to claim it because of the work it implies? Would there be ANY question that you absolutely want it to be real?

Would you still think dreaming is a luxury?

When the desire of all desires, the thing that desires, is in danger, there is no dreaming. There is only action. Life. Ideas. Work. Dreamed reality.

Not daring to dream to be someone because you’re not worthy or it’s too difficult to achieve. Think of it as if it was your own life at stake. Is it possible to live? Is it possible to dream? Yes.

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