On finding your spark in the chaos of “culture”

What is culture after all? Is it to put control on ourselves? Is it a blinder on our eyes, to give us one microscopic view of the world we see through? Are we to be blinded by its norms, not question them and follow the rules because generations ago some lucky dude made a rule for himself or his family or his community because it seemed fit in the scheme of things back then?

Then why must one not contest it now? Why must one not try to alter the ways, to see them fit into their scheme of things without putting any control on their family, friends or the community?

Hey, but dare if you do that! That would be manipulating the culture. THAT would be sabotaging the culture, disrespecting it and misusing it. Then if culture is after all a way of life, why is it that we say, “Life back then were much different than now?” There certainly has to be billions of reasons why we have evolved from the Stone Age to the iPhone age.

We cannot apply the rules laid down back then to ourselves today! There are a few dorks who live contently among the dorkier lot who have not laid much emphasis on protecting the “Identity of the Culture”, but rather making their own identity, living and breathing what they feel defines them.

I do respect culture a lot. It has me balanced. But somewhere, the scale of it falls short for me and I can’t find a place to stand on it to balance myself…so then I don’t find myself there anymore. A tiny variation, a tiny part not visible on the scale is what truly makes me entirely ME. Without that bent, without that dent and an unusual turn I am lost. I feel, culture is that way of life which is ever evolving. It is ever increasing in its size. Culture is something, which has both its arms wide open ready to be adopted and nurtured by us all. But somewhere, we feel, that we have to contain and control ourselves to see us fit in the diminutive spectrum of the word Culture. This may not sound true for all of us…but it is very much apparent today.

Culture is to not rob us off our identities, but to beautifully craft our own, and be so happy with ourselves, that others must wonder, what about her makes her so content and happy? Where did she find it? But little would they know that the treasure to that is within themselves. All they have to do is explore…lest they explode.