Need Google Analytics API and BigQuery Help? Look Here.

I reference these pages all the time and waste lots of time re-finding them, so I wanted to put them in a single, handy spot. They might help you out as well!

BigQuery Export Schema
- The definitions of Google Analytics things in BigQuery. They aren’t nearly as similar as you might have guessed, so translating a request from one source to the other takes some finesse.

Google Analytics API Query Explorer
- Test out the GA Core API in a quick, easy fashion

GA Dimensions & Metrics Explorer
- The fastest way to find the definition of metrics for Google Analytics terms. For example, did you know that GA’s Time on Page metric doesn’t count Exit pages? It’s worth running through these definitions now and again, especially if you think you know what they mean.

How does Google Analytics define a session?
- Digging too deeply into sessions and defining what a session is under given circumstances can be a huge headache. This will help (initially).

Google Analytics Virtual Pageview Explainer
- If you have a SPA (single-page application) or infinite scroll (etc) then it’s really important to get these right.

Custom Dimension vs Custom Metric
- They sound alike, but they are different things. Both are useful.

GA Custom Events Basics
- I use these all the time but have to reference the page frequently (or send it to people).

Google Analytics API Limits
- This was painful to open this page for long stretches of 2017, but that’s past. Still useful now and then.

… more coming …