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A couple of months ago I had gone to India for a short vacation to visit my parents. On the last day of this trip when it was time for me to depart, I broke down in front of my parents and admitted how unhappy I was with my life. I told them about the sporadic gnawing panic attacks and my struggle with anxiety and depression. My mom later told me that she had sensed something was not right with me on the very first day but had said nothing, on that day she just patiently listened to me cry. …

“Comparison is an act of violence against the self.” Iyanla Vanzant

We learn the art of comparison from a very young age. As children, we are often motivated by elders to compare ourselves to other pupils who are better off than us hoping that it would inspire us to succeed.

I’m not really sure about what happens in parent-teacher meetings in schools these days but when I was a kid such meetings were an opportunity for the teachers to unload their mental weight, so to speak. …

In the past couple of years, I have seen several individuals and families getting financially ruined. Families with little toddlers who could neither understand what was going on nor were they able to control their basic hunger pangs or even understand why they are not able to go to school like other children of their age. In most cases, the unfavorable situation was completely avoidable or the intensity could have been reduced with a little prudence.

Financial ruin, like success, does not happen overnight. It is practically impossible for someone to just wake up one fine morning and find themselves financially ruined. Most people see the signs of impending danger but rather than taking some corrective action they chose to neglect it, perhaps hoping that everything will be fine eventually. …


Gerald Saldanha

Blogger @ Personal finance and money saving enthusiast. In search of happiness.

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