Character Development: How to build Engaging characters for a novel or poem?

A strong Character is the most important point while writing a story or Poem. A character can lead story to the path of success and fame. The character can engage people to read your writing till the end. if you are a writer o a wannabe writer or a poet this might be a life-changing article for you.

Understand what Character development really means??

There can be many definitions for Character Development Nut in terms of my view Character Development not only means that it is only just creating Character or a person moving through life it means to create a person and showing the changes through which he goes and the changes which form him.

In this article, I am about share 5 steps for creating a character

1. Type of Character needed in the story

In this case, a Character doesn’t form a story but a story forms a character if you are writing a funny novel you need a funny character, not a serious one you also need to identify the behavior of your main character because the whole story can depend upon the behavior of a character towards others.

your Character can be both human and non-human. it depends upon the type of your story and also the audience you are targeting for this story or poem.

2. Role of your character in your story.

Not every story needs a human villain or only one main hero. it depends upon the story. let us take an example of John Green’s famous book, Fault in Our Stars this book doesn’t need a human villain and also don’t have one. The villain in this story is Cancer That kills the main lead. And it is also not just who they are in the beginning but also what they are at the end of the story a villain can also turn into a hero or a hero can turn into a villain

3. Don’t make your Character’s dialogue cliché

Making cliché dialogue’s in fairy tales might work or in comics. it can also work in novels targeting children. Cliché dialogues can make your audience lost their minds. You should make the dialogue as original as it can, for example, you should not use dialogues like, Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Or Tell my wife and kids I love them. it
makes you like a child

4. Research, but not too much!

Yes, the research you heard it right. I know research can be a nightmare for you but it will help you while writing a story because after research you will be sure about what you really need to write in. You should research as much as possible for anything you do not have experience with. Even if it is a topic about which you know a lot. you should still try to research and fact-check just to make sure you have accurate information or not. because if you write in your book but with wrong information, it can also cause you a million bucks that’s why I recommend you to research as much as possible

5.A most important rule of writing

it is the technique used in various kinds of texts to allow the reader to experience the story through action, words, thoughts, senses, and feelings rather than through the author’s exposition, summarization, and description for example

Showing: As his mother switched off the light and left the room, Michael tensed. He huddled under the covers, gripped the sheets, and held his breath as the wind brushed past the curtain.

Telling: Michael was terribly afraid of the dark

it has certain benefits it adds thrills and character to the story it helps readers to connect with the character It contributes to Character development but also leaves certain things up to the reader’s mind, which is much more interesting than making everything stated clearly in detail.

Hello Guys, I am Divyam Saldi from India. You might never read articles written by a teenager. I will try to represent you my point of view in a different way.