How To Buy Mango Online

Mango is a special gift of nature that is loved by all ages and across the world. With almost 283 varieties, India is the biggest producer and exporter of mango. However, it is interesting that most Indians still miss out on some of the most-famous varieties. As mangoes are perishable commodities with a limited shelf life, the offline shops mainly focus on the varieties that are available locally. Getting hold of authentic Gir Kesar in West Bengal, or Alphonso in Chennai, or Dasheri in Bangalore becomes very difficult.

However, the ever-growing popularity of these varieties has resulted in the introduction of fake products that are sold in the name of the popular varieties. The online work of shopping came as a breath of fresh air to consumers in this regard. Now it is possible to buy authentic Kesar mango online from any part of the country. However, there are still certain things that need to be kept in mind while going ahead with the purchase.

Know your mango

If you know the properties of the mango that you are looking to buy, your job is half done. Every single popular mango variety has some distinctive properties that make it different from the rest. All you need to do is to use those properties as your checklist and you will be able to tell if the products on offer are genuine.

Choose the marketplace wisely

Social media has made it very difficult for fraud companies to continue business. The ones that are able to run are mostly genuine ones. However, there is still some more that you can do to make your shopping risk-free. Once you have chosen your marketplace correctly, you are more likely to receive the desired products with the promised quality. Take a look at the customer reviews to check the credibility of any shopping platform.

Go only for the authentic ones

Almost all popular mango varieties are GI tagged, making it very easy for consumers to check their authenticity. You need to make sure that the fruits are being sourced from the correct places. If you are buying Kesar mango online, it needs to come from Talala, Gujarat.

Take a note of the refund policy

Being a perishable commodity, the chances of mango getting damaged during transit is always high. Any credible website would try to assure consumers with a strong refund policy in this regard. You need to ensure that you have the correct kind of protection in terms of refund policy before making your purchase.