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SaleChain is a chain of international retailers based on the Tron blockchain network to sell blockchain products. People by forming their sales network in this decentralized application (DAPP) participate in the sale of all products without the participation of any third party. You can enter the sales chain of this project just by buying at least 50 SCH (SaleChain Token) tokens and you will get the profit from selling any product in this project forever. The SaleChain project will be done in two phases, preliminary and main phase, as described below.

1. Preliminary phase

In the first phase of the SaleChain project, its development team has developed a convenient and decentralized platform for building a sales network on the Tron Blockchain network, which is now available at the following address:

1.1. Sales Network

In the preliminary phase, the SaleChain team considered 950 million SCH tokens to be offered to buyers and applicants who want to enter the sales network. To enter this project, all you have to do is buy at least 50 SCH tokens for 500 TRX and then start building your sales network by receiving your invitation code. In this project, you will receive 22% as the profits from the purchase of tokens by friends who are directly invited, and in general, the participants will receive the profit of up to 10 levels according to the table below:

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According to table 1, 70% of the profit from the sale of tokens by your sales network is given to you, and in general, the profit from the sale of tokens is divided according to the following figure:

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Figure 1. Profits from the sale of tokens.

50 million SCH tokens are considered as the team’s share. But to warranty teamwork, they will be released by a 5 to 95 ratio as a smart contract function. It means by selling every 95 SCH tokens, 5 tokens will be released to the team fund.

1.2. Staking plan

At SaleChain, 20% of the total daily sales of tokens are stored in one account (Staking fund). At the end of the day, in the form of a completely decentralized and under a smart contract, the balance of the staking fund will be divided among all those who have frozen their SCH tokens in the freeze section.

The amount of your benefit from this fund depends on the total number of frozen tokens you have on that day.

Suppose there are 1 million TRX in the staking fund for token freezers, and you have frozen 1,000 SCH tokens, and the total number of frozen tokens on that day is 100,000. This means that you will receive 1% (1000/100000) of the 1 million TRX in the fund at the end of the day on your wallet.

In general, each person needs to purchase at least 50 SCH tokens to enter the project and receive an invitation code, but there are no restrictions on purchasing more and freezing it to increase profits from the staking fund.

The remaining 10% of the profit from the sale of tokens is also intended for the development and marketing of the main phase of the project.

2. Main Phase

The SaleChain team, which includes the project development team, includes experienced blockchain programmers, the design and marketing team who are developing the main phase of the project. As soon as all the tokens are sold, the main phase of the SaleChain project will be launched and the SCH tokens will be added to the exchanges for sale.

The sales chain formed in the preliminary phase is transferred to the main DAPP with all the details. As a result, the people who are in your sales chain will be also in your sales chain in the main DAPP, and you will benefit from the sales profits of the people in your network forever.

2.1. Blockchain Projects

As mentioned earlier, SaleChain has been working to help raise funds for emerging blockchain projects and sell blockchain products. In the main phase, the projects need to buy 100,000 SCH tokens in exchanges and pay them as application costs at the SaleChain DAPP. It is noteworthy that the application cost of the projects will be divided among the participants in SaleChain by a special mechanism (more details in the next version of WhitePaper). As a result, members of the sales network will make more profit, and the tokens will be more and more in circulation, and their value will be increased.

2.2. Sales network in main phase

Due to the completion of the preliminary phase and the formation of a sales network, new people with different conditions can enter the sales network in the main phase of the project. In the main phase, the minimum cost of entering it is 500 SCH tokens, which are also divided between the higher levels according to Table 1.

3. Smart Contracts Addresses

SaleChain Crowd Sale: TCkJ3NZYk1rVfEh2R3DGKcAYqRqdgspKic

SaleChain Token: TB5zayDBS8dd4aRyGrQ9ssqPcbCGc14C9S

SaleChain Staking Plan: TLh2SrkFSSGgNEYDhkBB3weQrpbKLwKFfH

Note: The conditions of the main phase can be changed at the discretion of the team in order to improve the project and according to the conditions.

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