Definition of quality varies from a person to person. For me the definition of quality is about reaching towards excellence, improving your performance as compared to every yesterday of your life. The course of Total Quality Management has brought a change in my thinking. Initially there was no concept of leading a quality life in my mind. But after taking the course of TQM, and guidance of my instructor, Sir Abdul Basit, through his lectures, he always use to advice us to lead a quality life. Now I am going to explain how my life was before TQM and how it is after TQM.


Before TQM I don’t use to focus on continuous improvement. But after TQM I have made up my mind now to work hard by trying my level best to lead everyday of my life better than yesterday. This thing isn’t confined to my studies only but in my personal home life also I try my best to perform better than yesterday.


Strategic deals with long term. Initially before TQM I don’t focus on long term.. my approach is just short term based. But after TQM now I use to think that how my every action can affect me in longer run. For example how my grades and my learning can affect in practical career life. How my deeds can affect me hereafter.


Before TQM there is no perfect balance in my home life and my university life. I always use to ignore my personal family life in front of my university life. But now I have realized that in order to have peaceful life I should give equal time to both my studies and my personal life.


Initially I don’t use to follow a proper step by step direction. Now in my everyday life I use to first make a mind map comprised of step by step direction which I should follow in order to carry out any work.


TQM has made me realized the importance of communication. I came to know that in order to have a quality life we must pay attention to quality communication. We must communicate with our friends, teachers and even with our parents by considering empathy.