How to Consistently Act From Your Deepest “Why” and Optimize Your Time
Benjamin P. Hardy

Another inspiring AND practical article — thank you so much.

I know I hit gold with the “why is ______ important to me” exercise when I felt like crying at the end. Yes, these seeming obstacles to go back to our deepest belief systems and our childhoods.

I’m going to work on those percentages for the next 90 days and see what happens. I think the first step is to decide that certain things that I have previously deemed necessary are not (e.g. monitoring the insane construction from the terrible landowner on the adjoining property and letting the disruption and noise become resistance to getting my true work done, cleaning my house instead of just hiring a cleaning lady, etc.).

This post was very timely, because I’ve been making strides (albeit perhaps less intentional ones) in the direction mentioned above: I used money from my savings to take some time off work and focus on creative writing, and I bought a ticket to go visit family in the States — my first real vacation in nearly eight years. Here’s to the next steps.

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