No Such Thing As Good and Evil?
Andrew Furst

I’m not buddhist but do believe that evil doesn’t exist in that way, horrible thing happen but is it really evil, do we not have the ability to know the difference. We are made of God, yet evil comes from humanity. Then God allows this evil? Yes in many ways and no in many other ways. A good parent will let there children learn from their mistakes. God can fix anything but he doesn’t, how many time will we blame it on morality, or lack of guidance. In my opinion I feel no one ever want to see the thing wr create the violence we make, that’s where the blame is. The misuse of the Godly mind and body, and the power we hold to shape our destination.

That’s why God allows us to see why the path of good is better than one of evil. Very good article I enjoyed it. I practice yoga, and meditation. This was a concept that even after three years of practice I still come back to.