Salem Mass Haunted Happenings 2020

A magic show is one of the most sought after attractions in any event attended by kids. So, whether you are planning for your child’s birthday, company picnic or any special event an entertaining magic show for the kids can truly make your celebration a huge success for the families.

The real magic wand is the child’s own mind. This is a valuable quote from the Spanish philosopher, Jose Ortega Gusset, and one that emphasizes how precious children are. Toddlers love to play, and they are certainly fascinated with things that can’t be explained yet brings immense joy. That is perhaps the best reason why magic shows never get old with children.

Magic shows are always fun to watch, especially for children who view the world with open minds and overwhelming imagination. However, to keep not only the kids but all the guests attuned, a magic show should be more extravagant. Magic performance is usually more appreciated as it not only brings a sense of awe but also bursts of laughter.

For birthday parties, my magic show for children is even more magical by making the birthday child the star of the show. Other kids and guests may participate, but the birthday boy or girl will be the one to hold the magical wand and make the tricks happen.

I f you are interested in Salem Magic Show, The Haunted Happenings Magic Show is proud to present for the 2016 season. Enjoy the thrills and chills of a traditional haunted attraction in an interactive theatrical experience! Our show offers something for everyone — classic magic, crazy sideshow stunts, hypnosis and creepy ghostly illusions. For more information visit the site

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