5 Qualities A Good Conference or Retreat Venue Must Have!

TCC Ogere Resort
May 6, 2019 · 3 min read

When your company decides to organise a Retreat or Conference, the task of sourcing for a good venue is always a cardinal one. This task, if poorly executed can set up such retreat for failure even before it starts.
We’ve prepared this practical guide on how to choose a good conference venue and I’ll walk you through it and ultimately make your task a lot easier.

Before you make that final decision of a choice, make sure you look out for these qualities;

  1. Experience

Beyond the beautiful website, recreational perks and soothing talks from the sales personnel, you need to probe for their experience in handling similar goal-oriented conferences in the past. This is the only way you can be certain that the Management and Staff has what it takes to deal with the requirements of your conference and any unforeseen eventualities.
Their ability to adapt and invent, when it matters most, can only be assured by their experience.

2. Technology

The ease or difficulty you will enjoy or suffer during your conference is greatly decided by the quality of the equipment you have on-site to work with. Is their internet LAN-Only or Wi-Fi enabled? Are the conference rooms HDMI compatible? What about the audio equipment?
Considering the speed of Technological evolution and the fact that what was good last year might have become obsolete this year, you cannot afford to make the mistake of negotiating the cost of rooms and feeding only without reviewing the equipment available on-site. It’s important to ensure that the venue matches your expectations. You don’t want to run into compatibility problems; as little as a USB-To-LAN converter is, getting it in times of urgent need might be very difficult and it will mar the overall experience of your participants.

3. Catering Excellence

If this will require you visiting the Hotel or Resort unannounced to experience their meals, please do. You cannot afford to guess when it comes to the quality of food on offer. No effort is too much to ensure your guests get the best quality of food.

4. Suitability

Does the proposed venue reflect or detract from the event’s image? It’s important that the venue is clearly aligned with not only the image that you are trying to project, but also that it’s the most appropriate place for your delegates as well. If you need full concentration of all your participants, devoid of distractions and excessive external influences, you might want to consider a dedicated Training Resort away from the city. They are usually able to deliver that ‘serious’ academic feel that ensures maximum participant engagement.

5. Ease of Access

If you want to make sure that the majority of the concerned people are able to attend the event with less stress and fatigue suffered, you have to ensure that they can easily find and travel to it.

A good venue in this regard should be situated on a well-known expressway, preferably connecting two cities, to ensure that entry and exit for all participants is smooth and self-reliant.Once you have made sure that the location is well accessible, you need to ensure that there are enough parking spaces on site also.

A good destination where these critical factors and more are guaranteed to be in your favour is TCC Ogere Resort. With 33 Years’ experience in hosting top-notch Corporate Retreats and Conferences you can be rest-assured that your team is set for a memorable experience at TCC. Explore amazing deals here

TCC Ogere Resort

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