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TOP 8 SEO Agencies in Singapore

Last Updated: 1st July 2019

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is by far one of the most beneficial Internet marketing strategies you could implement for your website. When you decide to use an SEO campaign to increase your website traffic, you are essentially improving your website in ways that help it rank higher in search engines.

How it works:

When your website ranks higher in search engines, it gets more clicks than it would if it were on page two or three of search results, or even at the bottom of page one.

Google ranks websites based on how helpful they are to users, how good the user experience is, and also the amount of links the site has coming in. That being said, the process of SEO combines all of these things to ensure that your website gets more traffic.

SEO ensures that your content targets your most high-quality leads, promotes links from high-domain sites, and more.

However, it can be hard to find an SEO company that is just right for your business.

Who Made It to Our Top 8 List:

1. First Page Digital

Founded in 2011, First Page has grown to become one of the largest digital marketing agencies in Singapore. With advanced industry knowledge, cutting-edge strategies and thousands of first-class digital growth campaigns under our belt, they’re confident in what we do.

2. Impossible Marketing

Impossible Marketing believes in power and quantity of quality leads. This explains their focus on the marketing aspects and conversions of your website. Their SEO services are part of their affordable yet highly effective marketing services.

3. MediaOne Business Group

Founded in 2008, MediaOne is one of Singapore’s first digital marketing agency that is built on a foundation of white hat SEO. Deemed as impractical and almost impossible to carry out initially, they managed to break through the mold and make white hat SEO the core of our cutting-edge services till today.


Since 2012, SMMILE has been empowering businesses with creative marketing strategies and digital solutions optimised for sales.

As a leading creative marketing agency based in Singapore, they pride ourselves as being a fast and responsive team that not only understands their customers’ requirements and also execute projects efficiently and professionally. With strong motivation and desire for customer success, their experienced team brings upon years of creative marketing, design and digital solutions to support you on your integrated marketing needs.

5. Ice Cube Marketing

Ice Cube Marketing is a team of hybrid marketers fanatical about the art and science of marketing, with the same common mission to bring good marketing to businesses in Singapore!

6. Nightowl

Nightowl exists to solve customers’ problems. As long as you face a problem in the search engine, be it SEO, SEM, Google Analytics or Display banner, ring them up and our Jedi’s will be on the way to your rescue.


Founded by Ex-Googler, SINGSEO is a digital marketing agency based in Singapore, providing SEO, SEM/PPC, Social Media and Web Design services.

8. Thinking Notes

Thinking Notes is a professional boutique SEO company specialising in delivering effective web solutions through technical WordPress development & psychological content delivery. They believe for website to truly work, it has to emulate the way human perceive information and naturally communicate, taking visitors through the entire buyer journey.

We hope that this has been of use and feel free to check them out! Wishing you luck in finding the best SEO partner suitable for you!

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Since 2012, SMMILE has been empowering businesses with creative marketing strategies and digital solutions optimised for sales. www.smmile.com

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