Light on the new tech for visually impaired

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Jan 21 · 2 min read

According to a research in 2016 and based on the World Health Organization Quality of Life parameters (WHOQOL-Bref), it is observed that low vision participants had lower quality of life scores in all four domains, i.e. environmental, physical, social and psychological domains.

Empowering the visually impaired in reading capability is one of the ways to increase the quality of life of this important part of our society. Reading can have a positive impact on the social and psychological aspects of the quality of life; as it improves social skills, grows self-esteem and reduces anxiety and depression. Thus, using new technology to make them capable of reading can lead to the enhancement of their quality of life and help them be more socially engaged and psychologically healthy.

Assistive technology for visually impaired is improving everyday and creative businesses and startups are finding novel ways to make life easier for people with this type of disability. Ranging from mobile apps and wearable gadgets to Braille tablets, these innovative devices are using new technology.

One of the technologies helping the visually impaired is text-to-speech technology, which reads text aloud. Employing this technology, Artivle aids individuals with visual impairment with reading texts. Also, Artivle provides solutions for businesses serving blind people.

Startups and SMEs can benefit from Artivle’s text-to-speech solution to add audio content to their app or website, without the need of high paid voice actors. This way businesses can expand their market segment to include the visually impaired and serve them by humanlike audio content.

In conclusion, assisting the visually impaired using technologies, such as Artivle’s text-to-speech, can have significant positive impacts on the mental health and social skills of the disabled people, leading to a higher quality of life.

What is your idea? Do you think technology can help the life quality of the low vision community? What will the future look like with assistive technology?

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