4 Benefits of using G Suite

1. Continuity and ownership.

The modern workplace is fluid. People come in on contracts then move to another position. About 25% of positions in businesses are associated with high turnover as individuals seek new opportunities.

2. Better email.

Gmail has more than one billion active users. There’s a pretty good chance that anyone you hire will not only be familiar with Gmail, but also able to use it effectively. With G Suite, you are not stuck with generic @gmail.com addresses; you can use all of the platform’s functions with email addresses at your own domain.

3. Easy collaboration and sharing.

Working on a project with people who are not all in the same place? Whether you are dealing with contractors, telecommuters or simply people who are not in the office at the same time; G Suite’s Google Drive offering is a great way to go.

4. Save more data.

When Gmail first offered a free GB of storage, it was an unheard of level of generosity. As our digital communications have become more sophisticated, they’ve gradually increased the size of a free Gmail box and now offer 15GB. However, regular backups of communications require far more than that. Because of this, the basic G Suite package offers 30GB per user, with the option to continue to scale up as your needs evolve.FOR MORE