How to Build Your Own Starter House in Just 5 Steps — for $25,000
Karen Frances Eng

Hi Marcin, I would like to be a contributor for your project , I am focusing on bio gas digester, wetlands, water vortexing , permaculture food forests and earchworks. I have also build a bioshar filter diy that treats my eco wetland pool in the city to ezceltional drinking quality. Loads of my free videos are on my website and I am busy putting an online course for DIY eco sustainability. I would like to use your artwork and add a few features to it such as wetland to garden feature , earthworks and other garden features whcih are crusial for self sustainability such as green house attachment etc. I would liek to use your graphic as a lead magnet . I will cretid your comany with a link to your site. Alternatively I have to redesign it from scratch. In response I am willing to put 4 hours of my time towards your project. Please email me your response and check my site