Counos aims to conquer the fintech landscape by solving every crypto need in one single platform

Steve Jain
Feb 12 · 3 min read

The self-developed environment proposed by the Swiss enterprise brings an innovative financial perspective. In it, digital capital enthusiasts are set to develop their skills in a trending market while joining the movement that combines power, stability, and flexibility.

Vitznau, Switzerland.- In another example that shows Blockchain’s growing popularity as an innovative technology that can change the face of the fintech industry, the budding giant Counos achieved what the big names of the crypto had not been able to do to date: launch a platform with multiple intuitive resources that establish brand-new standards for profitability.

After the significant obstacles the decentralized projects have endured — aspects such as the scarce adaptation of digital currencies in mainstream culture, values oscillation or the saturation of the markets, the team behind this company had very clear which way to go.

The result was a portfolio with a variety of exclusive altcoins (Counts Coin, Counos Silver, Counos Gold, Counos Cash, and more.), the support of the fiat sector based on the Swiss franc and an early exchange platform scheduled in present February. Counos unites the distributed and peer-to-peer concept of the blockchain with the geographic acceptance of traditional payment systems such as Western Union.

With all these elements, users can use their wallets for activities such as payment for goods and services, transactions or trading in Counos coins and other popular currencies, all with a record verification time of 2.3 seconds.

Overcoming the dark side of volatility

According to CoinTelegraph, the current bearish trend in the regular cryptocurrency market has led to many alternatives sinking by 6% or more, and they are showing few signs of significant purchase support near their current price levels. Analysts have expressed mixed opinions on exactly where markets will find support.

Also, they pointed out that many altcoins are still above their support levels, which means that they will probably fall further before stabilizing or possibly bouncing. Meanwhile, Counos expands the cryptocurrency market by creating an endorsement for each unit in fiduciary money deposited in the bank. Additionally, its approach does not depend on any other decentralized infrastructure to operate, unlike its competition.

The pre-mined concept of Counos

With the objective of providing its community with a reliable and valuable option in which each member has the power to dictate the course of their own capital, the project proposes an integral and specific mining model. All coins — which are pre-mined — available to date, will have a maximum circulation of up to 21 million while miners will have a maximum ceiling of 16,800,000.

In terms of transaction security within the platform, Counos enhances its unique protocol with a server of “timestamp” type, which allows demonstrating that the series of data arranged in a chain hasn’t been altered from a specific moment in time- which is recognized as a Proof of Work (PoW).

Types of currencies available

As mentioned above, one of the most outstanding attributes of Counos is that it has a portfolio of several currencies, each with different purposes for the different user profiles, as well as their geographical position.

Counos Coin (SCRYPT as hashing algorithm) is proposed as the primary storage resource within the platform. The Counos Cash is intended for operations between users and is equivalent to 20 Swiss francs — deposited in the bank. On the other hand, Counos Gold has the same value as one gram of gold Coin within Swiss Box; like the Counos Silver will have a value in silver.

However, the most differential point with other alternatives is that the company also arranged coins based on fiat currency, such as Counos E (Euro), Counos U (US Dollar), and CAD (Canadian Dollar), all with a tangible backing in banks and the possibility of cold storage with access restricted to owners.

About Counos

Counos is an enterprise promoted by CSC International Limited which saw the light during the past 2018. The purpose behind its solution is to become the ultimate alternative in terms of the escrow system, commercial opportunities, and exchange.

For more information, enter Couno’s official website:

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