EJMAC’s offers cryptocurrency that will eliminate the waste tires pollution

Steve Jain
Jul 20, 2019 · 5 min read

Recently, the blockchain use in the disruption of finance had been the main focus of businesses and investors. However, now there is an additional option for new ideas and is to take advantage of this advancing technology to shore up the much needed transition into the “green” industry.

This innovative strategy promises to raise the money needed for environmental objectives and, at the same time, provide an attractive market opportunity. The creation of value lies in the ties between the tokenized world and projects of the real world, the latest and most prominent example is the peer-to-peer approach brought by EMJAC, which is expected soon to conquer every continent of the world starting from Asia.

The development of blockchain for Earth conservation

“For those people who have bought new tires for their cars, bikes and any mode of transport with tires, have you ever thought about where your old tyres will end up and how they affect our environment?….” Meng Kwan, founder of EMJAC

In 2017, the global consumption of automotive and commercial tires generates approximately 2 billion waste tyres (or known as “End of Life” tires) per year, where the volume is projected to grow up to 2.3 billion units by 2023. Currently, only 30% of the waste tires generated will be recycled, which causes an alarming amount of waste tires requiring a greenand environmental friendly channel of disposal and recycling.

Currently waste tires and being sent to landfills all over the world. This runs the risk of the waste tire fires which releases harmful substances such as carbon monoxide, furans, toluene, benzene, and lead oxide, with irreversible effects on our health and the environment.

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With more than a decade of knowledge and experience in the waste tires recycling sector, Meng Kwan and Chu Wong envisaged with a team of developers to create a definitive solution for the global waste tire problem. By employing the blockchain technology and the latest proven green technology for waste tire recycling, Advanced Continuous Thermal Recovery Unit (TRU), the EMJAC platform aims to provide “peer-to-peer” traceability of global waste tire supplies, logistics, zero emissions recycling and trading of the renewable energy products.

Features of the EMJAC Ecosystem

The EMJAC platformhas mainly two features one is Marketplace and another is Traceability Solution, and it uses the “token as a medium” strategy. Engineers and advisers consider that it’s an essential stratagem for mass adoption since it’s enforced with a hybrid approach:

1. The Platform: By acquiring EMJ tokens, users will be able to perform various transactions and payments using a liquid asset.

Emjac Marketplace is based on the EMJ (standing for Emjac Token), an ERC20 compliant token. The token is used for all trading activities on the platform.

The activities include but are not limited to trading, settlement of contracts, and

leverage. The Emjac platform allows the trading of options and futures on commodities.

Token holders can operate on the Emjac platform as traders. Our prototype will allow users to list Smart Contracts, view contract details, see order books, and place buy and sell orders.

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2. EMJAC Supply Chain Traceability Solution:

The lack of traceability of products leads to high costs and public relations issues whichcan affect the brand’s reputation. In a blockchain-based supply chain management, provenance tracking, record keeping and data sharing become quite easy because the transactions saved on the blockchaincan neither be altered nor deleted.

Therefore, it is possible to trace the history of anyproduct from its origination to where it is delivered through the blockchain supply chain. Tracking Origin, it sounds strange, but many multinational companies do not have the full back stories of the products in the supply chains. Such type of traceability is beneficial in detecting and resolving frauds and illegal dumping of waste tires in the supply chain process.

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TRU’s Technology

“Waste tires to the normal people are dirty, ugly and smelly, at EMJAC we see them as Black Gold”, Wan Afif Azizul, Green Project Advisor for EMJAC

The latest Advanced Thermal Recovery (TRU) green technology will recycle each waste tire with Zero Emissions and recover the trapped energy and carbon based components so that they reduce the carbon footprint caused by the petroleum industry which produced the new tires at the first place. From each waste tire, the TRU produces:

● 45% synthetic diesel of Euro 2 grade.

● 35% refined black carbon, of which at least 4 grades will be produced (N330, N550, N660, and N774) to be reused for the manufacturing of tires and printing solutions.

● 10% steel wire.

● 10% synthetic gas which will be fully reused to power up by the TRU (co-generation).

As a remarkable aspect of con-generation and self sustainability, the synthetic gas produced by the TRU during the waste tire recycling process is sufficient to fuel the TRU system where NO extra fuel is needed for the whole life of the operations. The TRU also recycles 100% of each waste tire and do not produce any harmful by products.

EMJAC’s green project has the full support of the Department of Environment (DOE) and our team have throughout the years built up a strong network of waste tire supplies, logistics, marketing and strategic partners in Asia, Europe and the United States to reach a global audience to create long term value and promote earth conservation via blockchain.

Please visit our website at www.emjac.io for more information towards saving the planet and protecting our future generations.

Email: info@emjac.io

Telegram: https://t.me/emjac_emjtoken

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EMJToken/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/emjac_emj

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/emjac/

IEO: https://exmarkets.com/page/emj-ieo

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About the Initial Exchange Offer

EMJAC is set to launch their IEO starting from the 1st to 31st August 2019, enthusiasts from the corporate sector and individual users will have access to the pre-IEO launching at ExMarkets Launchpad, with a total supply of 350,000,000 EMJ tokens.

Those who acquired EMJ tokens, besides supporting earth conservation, will be able to trace and trade on EMJAC’s platform that opens the door to a new renewable energy crypto-market landscape, enabling the execution of transactions and payments through supported apps.

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