10 Stats about Wearables in the Workplace

Apr 27, 2015 · 3 min read

By Heike Young

Fact: the wearables market is tech’s fastest-growing sector.

Wearables are set to track not only our heart rates and manage our incoming text messages, but also impact our workplaces and the way we approach business.

In a new report from Salesforce, Putting Wearables to Work, we surveyed 500 business professionals and wearable tech adopters who said they were currently using, piloting, or planning to implement wearable technology in some form.

Before you check out the full report (accessible for free), consider these 10 stats from the research.

  1. Companies are embracing bring your own wearables (BYOW), with 54% currently supporting a BYOW model and an additional 40% planning to support this model in the future.

2. Seventy-six percent of adopters report improvements in business performance since implementing wearable devices.

3. Seventy-nine percent of adopters agree that wearables are or will be strategic to their company’s future success.

4. Four of the top five growth areas for wearables center around improving the customer experience.

5. The use of wearable tech data is still in its infancy. As it stands, only 8% of adopters say they are completely ready to gain actionable insights from the volume of employee and customer data generated from wearables.

6. Smart watches are currently the most popular wearable for work. 62% of adopters are using, piloting, or planning to use smart watches in the enterprise in the next two years, with the Apple Watch gaining the most interest.

7. Nearly 3x growth in wearables is expected across the enterprise.

8. Wearables-generated data is an enterprise growth area, as only 8% of adopters say they’re completely ready to glean actionable insights from the technology.

9. An expanding app ecosystem with more sophisticated business applications and multitasking devices will fuel enterprise wearable tech adoption.

10. As companies dip their toes into wearable technology, they are initially focusing on basic use cases such as workplace security access (23% currently using), employee time management (20% currently using), and real-time employee communication (20% currently using).

Download Putting Wearables to Work now for more insights and stats from this exclusive research.

For more data-driven insights and industry trends, visit salesforce.com/research.


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