3 Social Tips to Keep Your Customers Happy This Holiday Season

By Bobby Amezaga

Terrible customer service? Not on our watch. As we begin the countdown to Black Friday, the Salesforce Service Cloud team is here to share a few key tips and tricks to avoid a #CustomerServiceFail and create a #CustomerServiceWin for your company.

We’ve already seen more than 1,000 social conversations in the past week, focused on Black Friday and customer service. So what does this mean for my business, you might ask? As social conversations continue to increase, so do opportunities to participate and engage with customers more than ever; allowing your service team to give customers something to be thankful for this year.

Support your customers on their own turf

We recommend following Aldo’s lead and building relationships with customers on every channel you can. As customer attention and time has become distributed across a multitude of devices and communications channels, customers expect to find service and support from their favorite brands across all possible touchpoints. With Black Friday just around the corner, social conversations have begun to center around #CustomerService and it is key for companies to use that to their advantage. By determining what social channels your customers are on and engaging with them then and there, customer care requests are able to be escalated immediately, if not at all.

Turn traditional smarts into social smarts

But having a presence on all of the right social channels doesn’t do anything if the element of service is missing. By treating social channels just like email and phone, you are able to set your social service team up for success this season. A few tactics we recommend include setting up keywords that are immediately flagged to your customer service team, keep your finger on the pulse of what is trending this season with hashtags like #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday, and as always, respond in as real-time as possible. Each of these tactics can help in reducing response time, building customer loyalty and in the end delivering exceptional customer care, no matter the season.

Build relationships, for the present and future

By looking at every customer interaction as an opportunity to build a relationship, you in turn are building your business. Social media is a key way to engage with your customers, and with 42% of Americans expecting customer service to take a nosedive over the holidays, you can leverage this opportunity to go above and beyond this season. One of our favorite ways to go above and beyond? Make it personal. Each customer deserves a true VIP experience, and what better way to engage with your customers than on social media? Not only does this connect your business directly with your customer, it also shows other potential customers that you’re a business that cares.

So, what will set your company apart this Black Friday?

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