3 Ways Customer Service Can Merge With the Connected World

By Kim Honjo

By 2020, there will be 75 billion connected devices. That’s billion with a “B” in 5 short years. That means the average person living in a connected country will have around 60 connected products. After all, do you have a smartphone and/or a tablet? Or an activity tracker like a Fitbit? That’s already three very commonly used connected devices. But soon we’ll see more cars with internet connections, intelligent home security systems, sensor-driven thermostats, and more connected appliances. Sprinklers that know when to water thirsty plants. Ovens that tell you how to cook chicken! We’re on the verge of a connected explosion.

As technology moves forward, a new kind of customer is simultaneously emerging — one that’s super connected and looking for experiences that match their needs. To keep up, service professionals need to transform the way they engage with customers. With connectivity in mind, Salesforce unveiled new Service Cloud innovations during Dreamforce, designed to help bridge the connected customer experience gap that many service organizations are facing. In our new keynote e-book, we show you how the right tools and tactics can help your team deliver smarter, faster service and quality customer experiences that increase satisfaction.

Check out highlights from Service Cloud at Dreamforce

1. Supercharge agent productivity with smart, connect support.

A better customer experience starts with a better agent experience. When agents have all of the tools at their fingertips, they can work efficiently and even anticipate the needs of customers. And when we say ‘smart’, we’re talking about intelligence-driven actions that your console is setup to handle through macros and omni-channel routing, freeing agents up to tackle more complex issues.

2. Leverage your apps to deliver always-on service

The rise of apps has changed the way we live and work. They’re everywhere and customers are demanding better app experiences. The more seamless and functional your app is, the more likely your customer’s loyalty will be earned. We know that to deliver great service, you need to be where your customers are, so it pays to invest in your customer’s digital experiences.

3. Analyze your business data to drive tactics and strategies

Companies are already collected valuable data every day; often more than they know what to do with. It’s time to use all that data to your advantage, by gleaning valuable insights about your customers to shape your service strategy. By diving deeper into customer case history, overall customer satisfaction, and service performance and more, you can spot trends and figure out where your team is excelling and where it needs work.

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