5 Data-Driven Strategies to Reach More Prospects Every Hour [INFOGRAPHIC]

By Bridget Gleason

Successful communication boils down to one simple equation: reach someone at the right time, in the right way, with the right message. But when it comes to connecting with prospects, it’s not so easy to get this equation right. Should you call? Should you email? Should you attach a deck?

Luckily, there are big consistencies across work habits, and knowing them can lead you in the right direction. Yesware pulled data from 14 million user emails, looking at desktop and mobile email habits over a typical workday. The data revealed that it’s easier than we thought to predict how someone will check their email during the day.

Check out the infographic below to see what we uncovered and keep reading to learn how to use these ‘typical email habits’ to your advantage.

In the early morning, keep emails short

Between 6am and 8am, people are most likely to open email on a mobile phone. During this time, your prospects are just waking up, getting ready for work, or commuting, so even if they do check email on their phone, they won’t have time to read a lengthy email, click hyperlinks, or download attachments.

If you want to reach someone during this timeframe, it’s best to keep your email short and free of hyperlinks or attachments. Also, keep in mind that most email apps only display the first 4–5 words of a subject line. Choose each word of your subject line wisely (word choice matters!), and keep them subject lines short.

Between 8am and 11am, email sales materials

When people arrive to work, they quickly get in the zone. By 8am, desktop email opens outpace mobile email opens, and desktop email usage continues to rise until about 11am. During this time, your prospects are most likely at their desks reading through email, so make sure you don’t miss this window of opportunity to reach them.

Now’s the time to send prospects decks and other sales materials, since it’s easy for them to open attachments and hyperlinks via desktop. Now is not the best time to call your prospects, though, since they’ll be busy checking their email. To avoid going straight to voicemail, hold off calls until later in the day.

From 11am — 1pm, take an email break

Around lunchtime, something interesting happens: desktop emails drops, but mobile email doesn’t rise. This indicates there’s a good chunk of people who don’t check email over lunch.

If you need to reach someone midday, hold off until they’re back at their desk around 1pm, when email opens spike again. If you’re not planning to take a lunch break, consider using this hour to engage with prospects over LinkedIn. According to Buffer, midday on weekdays is when LinkedIn posts have maximum reach.

In the afternoon, pick up the phone

Starting at around 2pm, email productivity on both desktop and mobile starts to decline. During this afternoon email decline, you probably have a better chance reaching prospects over the phone. Dedicate between 2pm and 6pm to phone pitches and product demos.

After 6pm, schedule important emails for the next day

Mobile email starts to exceed desktop email at about 6pm, when people shut down their computers and head home for the night. Email open rates remain low — even on mobile — through 8pm, so if you’re working late, now’s not the time to send out a lengthy or important email. Instead, plan ahead and schedule your email to go out during the email power hours — between 8am and 11am — the next day.

Of course, this data will only get you so far. Each prospect will have his or her own unique work habits, and it’s important to learn them as best you can. When you figure out how and when each prospect likes to be reached, you’ll have much greater success connecting with prospects and closing sales.

About the Author

Bridget Gleason is VP of Sales at Yesware, an all-in-one sales acceleration platform, where she manages the company’s sales efforts. With twenty years of sales and sales management experience in the high technology sector, Bridget is an expert on the inner workings on the sales cycle. You can learn more about Yesware on the Yesware AppExchange page.

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